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Target your den or children’s playroom with one of these great dartboards

Darts is one of the fun games that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy together. When it comes to dartboards for your home, you have a lot of different options to choose from. From dartboards with built-in cabinets that rival those you might see in bars to magnetic boards that can be set up wherever you like without fear of damaging your walls, here are a few of our favorites that also happen to be great deals.

Barrington 40-inch Dartboard Cabinet with LED Light – $70

Barrington’s 40-inch dart board cabinet with LED light rivals the dartboards you’ll likely see at your local bar. The dartboard itself has a self-healing surface, allowing you to use it for game after game of game without it needing to be replaced, while LED lights make the board more visible in dim lighting situations. and easy-wipe cricket scoreboards on either side of the board make it easy to keep score while you play.

Viper Ion Illuminated Dartboard – $137

Viper’s ION Illuminated Dartboard has built-in LED lights that not only provide illumination for the board, they can also be used for exclusive games that rely specifically on the light system. The board comes with 48 different game suggestions with 315 variations, so you’ll never be at a loss for something new to play. The board supports up to eight players for multiplayer mode and can connect to the web for playing against someone online as well.

Magnetic Dart Board – $20

If you’re concerned about your walls, then this magnetic board might be the perfect dartboard solution. The 16-inch board offers a dart experience with no sharp points, making it ideal for younger players or to hang in areas where you might be concerned about damage. The board has a built-in hook for easy installation and can be easily taken on the road for playing wherever your travels might take you.

Narwhal Diablo Electronic Dartboard Set – $30

Any room can become a game room with the Narwhal Diablo Electronic Dartboard Set. The dartboard has a special conical design for capturing darts and comes with 35 game options with 200 variations to choose from so you can keep gameplay interesting, and at $30 you won’t break the bank buying it. Also in the box are 6 soft tip darts, 12 replacement dart tips, and integrated dart storage.

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