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3 seated workouts to break up the monotony of working from home

It’s a fair bet that many of you reading this feel that working out from home is a bit boring…even if you’ve already invested in an under-desk bike. When you try to change things up and vary the routine, it might seem more than monotonous. To make matters worse, many haven’t been able to head out to the gym due to the need for social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

To shake things up a little, counteract “Zoom fatigue,” and generally combat gloomy feelings, we decided to lay out three seated workouts and desk chair exercises that you can try at home. The following workouts are for those frustratingly glum moments in your home office (or wherever you’ve set up space to work from home) when you need a momentary respite from the computer screen.

Business Man Doing Seated Workout
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Chair-training your butt and arms

The following exercises are intended to fire up your glutes, thighs, and triceps. They’re small-range-of-motion exercises, and you do them by sitting on the edge of your chair. Keep your feet on the floor, and bend your knees. Place your hands on the edge of the chair, on either side of your hips. Push down with your arms, and squeeze your butt cheeks together as tightly as you can. You should do all of that together in one movement. Then release.

Do three sets of 30 reps each.

Seated jumping jacks

You can do this movement while sitting down, and it will get your heart rate elevated. Moreover, you’ll be able to burn a decent amount of calories without the need to shower afterward.

To do this exercise, sit with your knees together and bent. Your feet should be pointed, with your toes barely touching the floor. Bend your elbows with your arms open to your sides. Your palms should be facing forward. Now, open your legs to the sides, and flex your feet. You should be going from your toes to your heels. Raise your arms above your head.

Return to your starting position. Do three sets of 30 reps each. (You should attempt to do this exercise in the same sort of intensity you would if you were performing regular jumping jacks. The faster you do this, the more calories you’ll burn.)

Woman Doing Seated Workout In Home Office
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Twist and lift

This is a Pilates-inspired set of seated exercises. They’re designed to help tone your abs, inner thighs, and quadriceps.

To do them, sit on the edge of your chair. Cross your hands over your chest, and extend your left leg out in front of you. Hold your abs in tight, and slowly twist your torso to the right. Return to the starting position, and then perform the same actions, only with your right leg lifted and twisting your torso to the left.

As with the others, do three sets of 30 reps each.

Many feel that it’s still safer to workout from home even if the country is beginning to open up. If you’re stuck working from home, then the likelihood that you’re spending many hours in front of your computer is pretty high. However, that time spent sitting doesn’t have to impact your level of fitness negatively. Do these while taking small breaks and help ensure that your muscles remain limber and in good shape!

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