Four watersports you have to try before winter sets in

Getting outside for a great day on the lake or at the beach is a perfect way to celebrate the summertime warmth. While sunbathing and swimming can be fun ways to spend any water-focused day, it can also be exciting to spruce up the day’s agenda with some watersports. There are a large number of fun watersports for your next vacation, perfect for the lake or the ocean. All you need is some rented gear, a life jacket for safety, and some family and friends to make the day one to remember.


Woman kayaking on water with friend
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The great thing about kayaking is that it is an activity everyone can do. Whether you have a 2-year old child or grandparents around, everyone can join in on the fun. There are either tandem kayaks or single kayaks to choose from. Tandem kayaks hold two people and are great for if you have a child or someone who needs a little extra help with paddling.

You can enjoy kayaking in a lot of different ways, too. It just depends on what kind of activities your friends and family enjoy. Some activities you can do include:

  • Kayak fishing. Bring some poles, bait, and hooks on board for a fun fishing trip out on the water. You can enjoy reeling in fish from out in the middle of the lake or off the coast. Either way, kayak fishing is fun and adds a bit more challenge to reeling in the big ones.
  • Kayak races. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, and the same goes for kayak racing. This is a great way to get everyone involved. Whether you race tandem kayaks, single kayaks, or both, your friends and family can see who the kayaking master really is.
  • Nighttime kayaking. Kayaking at night is a common activity enjoyed in locations that experience bioluminescence. Bioluminescence regularly occurs in marine environments. It is when light-producing microorganisms emit bright lights from their bodies at night. It typically occurs when the water is disturbed with an object — like a kayak or paddle. You can enjoy kayaking at nighttime and seeing a rush of blue light emerge from the water. It is a truly unforgettable experience.
  • Whitewater kayaking. Don’t be intimidated! Anyone can enjoy whitewater kayaking on the right river. For beginners, you can enjoy a tour or individual rides on very mild rivers with few bumps. Other rivers, on the other hand, offer more intense rides. These rivers should be tackled only by experienced kayakers, but can be a great goal to work toward.


This watersport obviously can only be done in the ocean, where the waves are big and ready for a challenge. Surfing can be a great watersport for people of all skill levels. There are numerous local businesses on nearly all coasts that offer lessons and surfboard rentals to get you out on the water. Learning to surf can be a great way to spend your summer, and you may find it to becomes a passion of yours. So, whether you are an avid surfer or have never touched a board in your life, give this fun watersport a whirl while catching some gnarly waves.


There are no excuses when it comes to trying snorkeling. It can be done most anywhere with affordable, store-bought equipment. Snorkeling typically involves a snorkel, mask, flippers, and, of course, a swimsuit. Once you have these four essentials you are ready to hit the water, whether it be the ocean, river, or lake. Although an ocean likely has clearer water and more brightly colored sights to see, you can still have fun snorkeling in a lake and seeing what you can find.

Snorkeling is a great activity for everyone because it can be done just off the shore. You don’t have to have a boat or any fancy equipment to participate in this water activity. You’ll enjoy finding cool aquatic life and get some exercise while you’re at it.

Paddle boarding

Person standing on paddle board on water

Balance is the first thing that comes to mind with paddle boarding, and for good reason. Paddleboards can be quite wobbly structures, and by adding a wobbly person on top, you are bound to get wet a few times — but that is part of the fun. As with any watersport, the fun part is learning and improving. When it comes to paddle boarding, you have to learn how to balance, place your feet, and paddle, of course.

This watersport is great because it can be done on lakes or in the ocean. Lakes seem to be more popular in general due to their calmer waters, but ocean paddle boarding is a well-liked and challenging activity, too — all you have to do is get past the waves.

These four fun watersports are great options for adding a little interest to your days at the lake or beach. They will help you step out of your comfort zone while offering a great way to bond with your family and friends. With all the ways to rent or buy equipment, it is incredible how many options are available these days when it comes to trying something new. So, don’t hesitate, hop on a paddle board or grab some snorkeling gear and head to the water!

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