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Spend your stimulus check on our favorite under-$1K exercise equipment

Most of us have gotten used to working out at home during the pandemic. Perhaps even with things opening up a bit more, you’ve now gotten accustomed to the convenience and ease of working out at home. If you’re looking to add to your home gym and say goodbye to crowded clubs forever, there is plenty of at home exercise equipment you can buy for under $1,000. If that stimulus check is burning a hole in your pocket, why not invest in your health?

We’ve done the research and found five home gyms and exercise equipment sales that will have you torching calories for under $1,000.

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Bowflex home gym

The Bowflex has been around for decades for good reason. This home gym comes with more than 60 exercises for a full-body workout and 210 pounds of Power Rod resistance, and it offers an aerobic rowing function. Plus, the bench folds up to save space. You can do chest presses, lat pulldowns, overhead presses, leg presses, triceps pushdowns, bicep curls, and many other exercises providing a full-body burn. The sliding seat also acts as a rower, so you can get your cardio on at the same time. You can buy the Bowflex on Amazon for $956.

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Maxpro portable smart cable home gym

This is a workout unlike any you’ve experienced. It’s a cable system and TRX all in one, and it’s Bluetooth-enabled, so along with the Maxpro app, you can track your workout, monitor your progress, and get coaching with app-enabled classes to help you reach your fitness goals. It’s lightweight and portable but delivers up to 300 pounds of resistance. Whether you want to work out outside, in a hotel room, or anywhere in your home, this is definitely worth checking out on Amazon. It’s currently selling for $799.

Total Gym

Total Gym offers more than 80 exercises with six levels of resistance, giving users a total-body workout that concentrates on all the major muscle groups. It also provides both cardio and strength training and allows you to get a deep stretch once you’re done with your workout to keep up your flexibility. The best part is that you can access and stream workouts from Total Gym TV for free — it’s like having a personal trainer in your living room. The XLS model is $900 on Amazon, but if you want to add in the ab crunch feature, it’s $1,000.

Zeno workout bench

This resistance bench may look small, but it allows you to perform over 100 different exercises using its resistance bands. It comes with a bench, three pairs of bands (15, 30, and 50 pounds), six D-Rings of band attachments, two handles, two ankle straps, and an accessory bag. “Whether you are new to fitness or an advanced bodybuilder, our bench will help achieve any goal,” the company says. At just 35 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to bring anywhere. Choose from three colors for $345.

X3 Bar Elite

If you’re looking to gain muscle and build mass, the X3 Bar elite is the one for you. It comes with a 12-week workout plan, four X3 resistance bands, and a heavy-duty alloy steel ground plate to protect your ankles. The company said you will see results using the X3 for just 10 minutes per day, and it’s portable, so you can do your workout from anywhere. The bands will provide all the resistance you need to deliver on a full workout in a short amount of time. You can find it for $549 at the link below.

These are all great options to get a total-body workout in your home for under $1,000. That’s what most gyms would cost you for only a few months of membership. If you’re looking at ways to spend that stimulus check, investing in yourself and your well-being is always a priority. All of the above come with exercise guides, videos, and tons of instruction, so whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you’ll never get bored during your workout.

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