The best tent stakes for preventing flyaway shelters

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to chase after your tent as it blows away. The tent stakes that come with your tent often don’t cut it when weather conditions are less than ideal or the soil isn’t precisely soft enough, so picking up your own stakes to tie your tent down is often worth it. Quality tent stakes don’t bend or snap and offer enough length to hold a tent down. It doesn’t take much wind to blow your tent around, but with the right tent stakes, you may not even notice the gusting.

If you know a little about the ground you’ll be camping on, you’ll be able to best predict which tent stakes are right for you. Aluminum stakes are light, affordable, and best for softer soils. Steel tent stakes are heavier than their aluminum counterparts, but they also tend to be more sturdy. Y-shaped tent stakes are versatile and can be used on all kinds of terrain.

Good tent stakes offer safety for your tent and the equipment inside. Let’s take a look at our list to get you fully situated with a stable shelter every time you slumber in the great outdoors.

MSR Groundhog Tent Stake Kit

Best overall

MSR knows tent gear, and its pack of lightweight tent stakes offers durability while shedding precious ounces for you long-range backpackers. The body uses a three-sided Y-beam to grip the ground regardless of composition, and a convenient loop on the top allows you to secure your guylines easily and quickly. They’re made of 7000 series aluminum and are brightly colored, measuring 7.5-inches long.

Eurmax Galvanized Tent Stakes

Best aluminum

Eurmax’s tent stakes are made from a rust-resistant aluminum, with a large head to keep from hammering them too far into the ground. The head has a place to tie your guylines, and the 10-pack gives you enough stakes to secure a larger family tent. Milled points drive into different ground types, and the stakes measure one foot in length.

ASR Outdoor Metal Tent Stakes

Best heavy-duty

ASR Outdoor’s metal stake features a heavier construction for inclement weather or larger tents. Galvanized steel is rust-resistant, while a PVC top head is suitable for mallet driving and features a hook and eye for versatility. Milled points drive into even hard ground, and at 10 inches in length, they offer plenty of grip.

A good tent stake protects your tent against weather, rain, and wind. They drive better into a variety of ground types and won’t snap the moment you try to tie down. Upgrading tent stakes from the flimsy ones offered in your standard tent package to one of our favorites takes your camping game from beginner to experienced in no time.

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