The best resistance bands for working out at home

Resistance bands diversify workouts and focus on specific parts of the body. They’re ideal for physical therapy or for stretching after the gym. Alternatively, you can use them at home if you miss the gym, but still want to work out.

When shopping for a band, consider the different types and their functions. Sheet bands are thin latex bands with handles used for hands and feet, usually for stretching, physical therapy, and warmups. Looped bands are like giant rubber bands that are best for the whole body. Tube bands are similar to sheet bands, but are heavier; they are usually used for the upper body. It’s also important to consider what size you want — short enough for pockets or long enough for various workouts? Let’s review the best resistance bands in our list here.

Tribe Resistance Bands Set

Best overall

For the best overall resistance bands, we recommend the Tribe Fitness Resistance Bands Set, which contains five stackable exercise bands, a carry bag, door anchor attachment, and ankle straps. By “stackable,” it means you can clip the carabiner to as many as five bands to a single handle for maximum resistance of 150 pounds. This set is ideal for beginners who want a versatile workout tool.

Bodylastics Resistance Bands Sets

Most versatile

If you’re a seasoned band user who wants a customized set, Bodylastics resistance bands set is the optimal solution that lets you choose five different bands and offers free online workouts.  Bodylastics Resistance Bands Sets with Free Online Workouts is the most versatile option, perfect for athletes needing a full-body stretch on a daily basis. Choose between 12 and 38 pieces for a customized set and workout.  An inner safety cord avoids overstretching and band snapping damage.

WodFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands

Best for pull-ups

If you’re looking to perfect your pull-ups, WodFitters Pull Up Assistance Bands are the answer. The looped bands focus on upper body strength, adding resistance for pull-ups and similar exercises. You can purchase a single 41-inches long band, but we recommend several so you can increase resistance as you get stronger. They fit easily into backpacks and travel bags so you can workout even on vacation.

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