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The 7 best outdoor umbrella stands to survive the sun and wind

While smart innovations have made it possible for us to control the climate or temperature indoors, everyone can use a bit of sun and fresh air outdoors. Instead of letting harmful UV rays keep you from having some fun in the sun, you can simply opt to arm yourself with polarized sunnies to protect your eyes and count on an outdoor umbrella stand to prop up a portable shade to retain your skin’s moisture and elasticity.

Whether you’re out on your patio, in the yard, or at the beach, the right umbrella stand should correspond with the weight and size of your umbrella. The design and price are considerable factors too. To narrow down your choices, we’ve rounded up our top three picks of the best outdoor umbrella stand. Whether in the park, at the beach, or on your patio, these umbrella stands will keep the whole family happy throughout the seasons, rain or shine.

At A Glance:

  • Best overall: DC America Cast Stone Umbrella Base
  • Best with wheels: Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand
  • Most portable: US Weight 50 Pound Umbrella Base
  • Best antique: Sunnyglade Antiqued Umbrella Base 
  • Best adjustable: Blissun Patio Market Umbrella Base Stand
  • Best for the beach: Beachbub Ultra The Patio Umbrella Base
  • Best with side table:Giantex Patio Rattan Wicker Umbrella Side Table Stand

Best Overall: DC America Cast Stone Umbrella Base

The DC America Cast Stone Umbrella Base ticks all the right boxes for its attractive design, price, and build. It will certainly be a great addition to your home’s patio or yard. It is totally rustproof so you’ll have no worry whatsoever when you leave it out and it rains. It even comes with plastic inserts that can hold a 2-inch umbrella pole while its 18-inch diameter ensures that it stays perfectly balanced on the ground. Stay shade-happy with this excellent umbrella stand.

Best with Wheels: Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand

The Shademobile Outdoor Umbrella Stand wins our vote for the best umbrella stand with wheels, which means it’ll roll with you wherever you would need it. The sleek design makes for a great look, making it an obvious choice for beach patios or commercial deck spaces. Built sturdily for frequent use, the Shademobile features a compartment for extra weighting, so you can be sure your umbrellas are safe even in serious winds.

Most Portable: US Weight 50 Pound Umbrella Base

If you’re in the market for something that would go well with your patio table, then you might consider the US Weight 50 Pound Umbrella Base as the prime contender in this roundup. It can fit 1- to 1.75-inch umbrella poles and it is already pre-filled with 50 pounds of concrete, which gets half the job done for you. Just be sure that you fill the rest with gravel or sand and not with water. And to ensure the utmost portability, it is made with an easy-to-grip handle that allows you to simply grab it and go.

Best Antique: Sunnyglade Antiqued Umbrella Base 

The Sunnyglade Antiqued Umbrella Base will match and elevate any space with antique or rustic decor. It’s made from resin, so durability is guaranteed against cracks and paint detachment, while its bronze finish exudes a touch of class and elegance. It includes two couplers that enable it to accommodate both 1.38-inch and 1.8-inch umbrella poles, and its hand-turn knob takes care of securing it in place. Its assembly is pretty self-explanatory, too, so it’ll surely be a breeze.

Best Adjustable: Blissun Patio Market Umbrella Base Stand

The Blissun Patio Market Umbrella Base Stand features an adjustable piston that enables it to secure umbrella poles within the range of 1.49 to 1.89 inches. It boasts the classic decorative pattern that makes it an awesome choice for both household and commercial use. It is also made of resin, which is a material known to withstand all kinds of elements. Rest assured, it won’t be corroded by the sun’s UV rays. It already weighs 22 pounds on its own and does not require any more filling to be put to use.

Best for the Beach: Beachbub Ultra The Patio Umbrella Base

Everyone loves to go to the beach for some fun in the sun, waves, and sand. Aside from bringing along some towels, the Beachbub Ultra The Patio Umbrella Base is the ultimate beach companion that will prop up your umbrella so that you don’t get sunburnt. It is promised to work with most beach umbrellas and has been vouched for by the American LifeGuard Association for being quite the anchor, preventing the hazard of fly-aways. Setup is even easy; you’ll just have to attach and screw in your umbrella 8 inches deep into the sand and bag it up with sand that is already there.

Best with Side Table: Giantex Patio Rattan Wicker Umbrella Side Table Stand

Anyone looking to just kick back and relax can appreciate the Giantex Patio Rattan Wicker Umbrella Side Table Stand. This way, you got something to hold your umbrella plus a couple of refreshing drinks, magazines, books, or other personal items. The rattan side table is both water and UV resistant, so it’ll definitely last a few years, and it’s made to be lightweight for easy transport. It can fit 1.57-inch umbrella poles and will effortlessly blend in with your patio furniture.

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