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The best kettlebells to work out at home

Everyone can benefit from exercises with kettlebell weights, regardless of your athletic goals or current fitness level. Whether you work out inside your home, outdoors, or while you travel, there are products available to help you maintain your routine and get the most benefit from kettlebell workouts.

If you’re building up your home gym, then resistance bands, weights, mats, and kettlebells are a great way to start. Adding kettlebells to your exercise routine is said to improve balance, coordination, and core power. Their shape is designed to be outside of your center of gravity, which is similar to the conditions that the body encounters when practicing sports and helps with athletic performance. We’ve compiled the best kettlebells from brands such as Kettle Gryp, Bionic Body, TKO, Everyday Essentials, and Unipack. Check them out below and jumpstart your workout routines at home.

At a glance:

  • Best overall: Kettle Gryp Adjustable Weight Grip
  • Best soft kettlebell: Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell with Handle
  • Best for strength training: TKO Kettle Bell
  • Best smooth handle: Everyday Essentials All-Purpose Color Vinyl Coated Kettlebells
  • Best cast iron kettlebell: Unipack-Premium-Quality-Kettlebell-Weights

Best overall: Kettle Gryp Adjustable Weight Grip

Kettle Gryp is a portable attachment that turns a dumbbell into a kettlebell. Despite it being adjustable, you can guarantee that it’s durable. Specially designed for travel or to be used as an accessory for your home gym, this clamp takes up little space, is lightweight, and can hold dumbbells up to 55 pounds. With this kettlebell, you can start your workout anytime, anywhere.

Best soft kettlebell: Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell with Handle

If you’re up for a versatile workout experience, you’ll get that with this soft kettlebell by Bionic Body. With its ergonomic handle, you can exercise with big movements. It is also easy to carry around and doesn’t take up much space to maximize your gym at home. This soft kettlebell also comes in different sizes so that you can try out cross-training and HIIT workouts.

Best for strength training: TKO Kettle Bell

When choosing a kettlebell, you need to consider if it’s best for your workout routine. If you want to strengthen and tone your muscles with a variety of exercises, TKO’s kettlebell is worth a try. Strength training can be made more convenient with this kettlebell that is easy to handle. Its protective design guarantees a comfortable grip and avoids damages to your flooring.

Best smooth handle: Everyday Essentials All-Purpose Color Vinyl Coated Kettlebells

If you’re looking for a kettlebell with a comfortable grip, you’ll get your money’s worth with Everyday Essentials’ kettlebell. With a vinyl-coated finish, the kettlebell is as stylish as it is durable. You can use it to engage the larger muscles in your body for a full-on workout routine. It’s great for both lower- and upper-body exercises.

Best cast iron kettlebell: Unipack Premium-Quality Kettlebell Weights

Made with solid cast iron, this kettlebell is built to last. You can use the Unipack Cast Iron Kettlebell both at home and on the go with ease. The handle is well-made so you don’t have to worry about it slipping from your hands. It is also functional, so you can use it for an array of exercise routines like squats, lifting, swings, and a lot more.

If you want to improve your overall strength, investing in a kettlebell is worth the shot. It all boils down to picking the kettlebell that best suits your workout routine. A kettlebell like Bionic Body Soft Kettlebell might be what you need if you want workout equipment that is versatile and easy to use. If you’re up for intense strength training, TKO Kettle Bell is a must-have. Regardless of what kettlebell you end up choosing, you can guarantee that your workout routines will be elevated.

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