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The 6 best jogging strollers

A baby doesn’t have to derail your fitness goals. If you love jogging or running, getting the right stroller gets you back out there, providing a comfortable and safe ride for your child and an ergonomic position for you. 

It’s important to choose the right jogging stroller so that your child’s growing body is protected and comfortable while providing a streamlined frame to make your jogging a bit easier. There are lots of strollers to choose from, but the best jogging strollers need to have the right safety features, a jogging-focused design, and fold up quickly for storage.

Our top pick is the BOB Revolution for its excellent suspension and overall design, but we’ve got several great options for athletes everywhere, including one that’s a four-season, all-weather activity system. They’re highly rated, offer great features, and provide durability and comfort. Let’s take a look and find your perfect pick.

At a glance

  • Best overall: BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0
  • Best budget: Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller
  • Best double stroller: Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller
  • Best lightweight: Joovy Zoom Ultralight Stroller
  • Best compact: Graco Fast Action Fold Jogging Stroller
  • Best splurge: Thule Chariot Cross Plus Jogging Kit

Best overall: BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0

bob stroller side

BOB is a crowd favorite in the jogging and athletic stroller world. It uses aerodynamic principles to make jogging easier on both you and your child. It has a car seat adapter and a unique adjustable seat to accommodate children from birth up to 75 pounds, plus a one-hand adjustment. 

It comes with air-filled tires for a smoother ride plus a suspension system reminiscent of a mountain bike. This reduces impacts for your children and smooths your running. An adjustable handlebar keeps your arms in position while a wrist strap ensures safe operation. The front-wheel locks in place or swivels depending on your terrain and activity.

An extra-large, SPF 50 canopy protects your child, and an extra-large basket keeps all your gear close. The seat offers a full recline, and a five-point, no-rethread harness is safe and easy to operate. It’s compatible with the BOB or Britax travel systems, and an organization pocket keeps your most important things close.

Best budget: Baby Trend Expedition Jogging Stroller

baby trend stroller front

Baby Trend provides an affordable alternative to pricey jogging strollers with all the features you expect from a performance-oriented stroller. It has large bicycle tires for easy maneuvering and to soften bumps in the road with a front swivel wheel for easier maneuvering.

It’s rated for use with children starting at just six months old and safe up to 50 pounds. The adjustable seat provides a comfortable ride while cushioning against uneven terrain. The canopy is large enough to help protect your child from the sun while providing a good view out. A five-point harness keeps your child in place.

Both you and your child get a tray with cupholders, so you both can keep all your essential things closer to you. A sizeable under seat basket wrangles the rest of your things, so you aren’t weighed down while jogging. It folds easily for storage and clicks out to use.

Best double stroller: Thule Urban Glide 2 Double Stroller

thule urban glide side

Thule offers an all-terrain stroller in a side by side design that allows both children a comfortable ride. It features a swivel or locking front wheel for different terrain and activities, plus an adjustable handlebar with a wrist strap for safety and ergonomic positioning.

It features fully reclining seats with padding to protect against impacts and bumps. Plus, a five-point harness provides safety without digging into your child’s shoulders. It’s recommended that children wait to use this stroller until both are at least one year old, and it’s suitable for up to 75 pounds. 

A full canopy helps protect your children from the sun, but you can check on them through the peekaboo window and magnetic closure. A large under-seat basket ensures you have everything you need without having to carry it while an integrated twisting hand brake helps you control speed. It folds easily for storage.

Best lightweight: Joovy Zoom Ultralight Stroller

joovy stroller front

If you’re focusing on speed, the Joovy Zoom is a great option. It features an aluminum frame with lightweight materials to cut down on excess weight and give you a bit of extra speed. The front wheel swivels or locks for different activities and active suspension helps cushion the ride for your wrists and your child.

The seat offers more space because of its extra-wide dimensions, and it sits higher than most strollers on the market. The canopy protects but still allows a great view to keep your child entertained. It offers a simple, compact fold, and carries children up to 75 pounds.

A one-step parking brake and air-filled tires offer little extras for this mid-tier stroller. It also has excellent storage with a parent organizer across the handles, mesh side pockets for things like snacks, and a full under-seat basket for all the things you need while you’re out. It’s compatible with Joovy’s car seat adapter system for smaller children and quick trips.

Best compact: Graco Fast Action Fold Jogging Stroller

graco fast action stroller

 If you don’t have a lot of space or the patience for elaborate folding, the Graco Fast Action Stroller could be the way to go. It features a simple, one-handed fold for secure storage, plus it’s narrower than some of the strollers out there for easier transport.

It still features all the same types of details you need for a jogger. It uses air-filled rubber tires with a suspension system to help protect your child from bumps on the terrain while a five-point harness system keeps your child safe. The seat is padded and reclines for comfort while a canopy protects from the sun without obscuring your child’s view too much.

It offers excellent storage with a parent tray, a child tray, and an under-seat basket that keeps all your things close. It’s compatible with the entire Graco ecosystem, including the travel system with a car seat. The child tray even swivels to help your child enter and exit the stroller more quickly.

Best splurge: Thule Chariot Cross Plus Jogging Kit

thule chariot sport side

If you’re a serious runner and athlete, the Thule Chariot Cross offers you a whole lot of options. It’s an all-weather stroller with a fully protective front cover that can keep wind, rain, and even snow off your child. It has a locked front wheel for safe jogging, a convertible two-wheel front kit for a carrier, and kits that allow you to tow it behind your bike or add skis. 

It has large wheels with a suspension system to protect your child from impacts. The seats are padded, and a harness system keeps your child in place. The adjustable handlebar with wrist strap keeps your form correct and provides safety. 

All this folds up compactly to transport, and it’s quick to set up and fold down. If you purchase the extra sports kits for skiing or biking, those are straightforward to use. The cargo basket underneath keeps all your things in order, and it’s one of the most flexible strollers for engaging in outdoor activities all year long.

People also ask

Once you get your stroller and choose your preferred running gear, you should be ready to start as soon as your child is old enough. Here’s what other people are asking.

Can jogging strollers be used for everyday use?

Jogging strollers are suitable for doing errands or taking your child around the mall, but regular strollers aren’t suited for jogging use. Jogging strollers use a single front wheel to help prevent accidental overturns and to handle speed and inconsistent terrain much more easily than standard strollers.

If you run a lot, you might consider a jogging stroller being your only stroller because of this situation. They may stick out further than standard strollers and could be more complex to fold down and store.

If you’re considering getting a jogging stroller as an all-purpose option, look for one with a parent tray and a child tray to help keep things organized, plus any other storage you need. Under-seat baskets are a must for running and errands. Also, make sure you can fold up your stroller easily and that it’s compatible with your car seat system. You’ll thank us later.

What’s the difference between a jogging stroller and an everyday stroller?

Everyday strollers use two front wheels that swivel. Swiveling helps you control the stroller over uneven ground, going from grass to concrete pretty easily. The smaller wheels are typically plastic so that you don’t have to worry about filling the tires with air, and you don’t worry about punctures.

Everyday strollers prioritize comfort and storage, so they may be heavier than jogging strollers. This weight helps with stability and provides maneuverability over the potential of speed. Plus, they can offer more affordable options and use flexible seating arrangements as your family grows.

Jogging strollers have redesigned frames to reduce wind resistance and help provide control at faster speeds. Most have air-filled tires for better suspension and larger wheels to go over obstacles. They do have storage, but the biggest priority is aerodynamic handling and suspension.

At what age can you use a jogging stroller?

Many experts agree that the safest age to begin with a jogging stroller is six months when the baby is heavy enough and has some control over its neck and head. As you run, the jostling can resettle a baby in the seat, and the baby must be able to reposition itself for a clear airway.

You can get around this a bit by using a jogging stroller with a car seat attachment and jogging at slow speeds to reduce impacts. This helps keep your baby in a healthy position and ensures that the baby is safe all around.

Are jogging strollers safe?

Jogging strollers are redesigned to address the safety issues with jogging using a traditional stroller. Traditional strollers may capsize if they hit a large enough obstacle, and you don’t have the reflexes to always address at the speeds you’re running.

They can also be unsafe for your child because of the jostling and impacts. They don’t always have a suitable suspension system for those speeds and can put pressure on your child’s back and shoulders, growing spine, and joints. The constant jostling can get uncomfortable, and there may not be a suitable harness system to keep your child safe.

Plus, the canopies on traditional strollers aren’t always large enough to protect your child from the elements. Jogging strollers redesign all these features to keep your child safe from the sun and wind, offer better control for speed, and cushioning for safety.

Why do jogging strollers have fixed wheels?

A fixed front wheel is much easier to keep straight at higher speeds. That wheel offers stability and prevents the stroller from veering off course. If you go over uneven terrain, it also helps to stabilize the stroller so it’s less likely to capsize.

If you plan to use your jogging stroller as an everyday stroller too, you can look for an option to swivel or lock the front wheel. You can use the swivel when you need to maneuver quickly and lock it into place when you’re running a long distance with wide turns and mostly straight lines. 

How do I choose the right jogging stroller?

Consider your circumstances before you decide on your jogging stroller. If you’re an occasional jogger, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a professional-grade stroller. An affordable option with a fixed front wheel should be fine.

A fixed front wheel is necessary for a jogging stroller, but you can get a flexible option that swivels or locks if you plan to use the jogging stroller for multiple things. You should also consider how easy it is to fold and transport if you use a jogging stroller a lot. 

Weight is a consideration if you run frequently or you want more speed. Jogging with a stroller can add up to 5% more calories burned because of the weight difference, so you don’t want to tire yourself out too early.

Little details such as functional storage, a removable parent or child tray, and packages that convert the stroller for other activities all help ensure that you use your jogging stroller. It’s beneficial to make sure that your stroller is compatible with your car seat as well. 

If you’re a serious jogger, we recommend choosing your stroller first and then your car seat. If you jog occasionally, you may want to go about that decision the other way around – choosing a car seat you love and narrowing your jogging stroller down based on what matches.

If you can get a feel for the stroller in the store too, that may be an excellent way to make a decision. You can feel the brake, the weight, and set up or fold it yourself so you know for sure what’s the most convenient. 

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