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The best foam rollers to help relieve muscle tightness

Foam rolling is a stretching technique used for massages and for warming up before or cooling down after a workout. It speeds up muscle recovery by relieving muscle inflammation, soreness, and tightness. It also increase the joint’s range of motion so you are loose and limber before a workout. All you need is the right foam roller to ensure reliability, effectiveness, and consistency throughout a workout.

When buying a foam roller, start with choosing the shape, size, and density level. Traditional full-size is the most versatile for different uses, while those shorter in length are more portable and are perfect for targeting specific muscle groups. Other common types include soft rollers which are great for gentle massages, small diameter rollers ideal for physical therapy, firm rollers with ridges and bumps for deeper muscle penetration, and flat rollers for general core strength training. Take a look at our list of the best foam rollers to help you decide the right one for you.

At a glance

  • Best overall: TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller
  • Best premium: Hyperice Vyper 2 Vibrating Foam Roller
  • Best budget: LuxFit Foam Roller
  • Best portable: Brazyn Morph Trek Foam Roller
  • Best value: LifePro 4-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

Best Overall: TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

A foam roller can go a long way in helping to alleviate your pain and soreness or even speeding up your recovery time. This TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller is constructed from top-of-the-line materials that won’t break down or lose shape from repeated use. It features a patented design that offers a multi-density exterior over a rigid, hollow core for superior effectiveness and durability. It is the trusted foam roller of massage therapists, coaches, trainers, and athletes, providing muscle recovery, pain relief, and improved flexibility. If you want to add vibration therapy to your session, you can spend a bit more money to get the Grid Vibe Plus.

Best premium: Hyperice Vyper 2 Vibrating Foam Roller

If you need something more than just a standard foam roller, then check out the Hyperice Vyper 2.0 High-Intensity Vibrating Fitness Roller. The $200 foam roller has a three-speed vibration feature that helps with stubborn muscles and stiff joints. It’s also extra firm and gets down deep into your muscles.

Best budget: LuxFit Foam Roller

When choosing a foam roller, your choice can come down to many factors, including durability, firmness, and shape. The LuxFit Foam Roller is an extra firm foam roller that is molded from polypropylene foam technology. With 2 pounds per cubic foot density and smooth surface, it will not lose its shape after heavy use. Available in three sizes with a starting price tag of $9, there is a Luxfit model to meet your physical and financial needs.

Best portable: Brazyn Morph Trek Foam Roller

The Brazyn Morph Trek Foam Roller earns accolades for its ability to collapse down to 1.5-inches when you need to travel. It is textured for effectiveness and is a perfect density that is not too hard and not too soft.

Best value: LifePro 4-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

The LifePro 4-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller offers the best bang for your buck. With a price tag under $100, the foam roller brings a textured surface for deep muscle relief, four vibration levels, and a compact 11.5-inch size.

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