The best bike locks for theft prevention

The portability and convenience that makes bikes such a useful transportation option also makes them vulnerable to theft. If someone wants a bike and a bike is sitting without a lock in a rack, they can grab it and take off without much fear of the bike owner being able to catch up to them them. Staying prepared with a bike lock can deter many thieves from even trying — and prevent the ones who do try from being successful.

When you’re buying a bike lock, consider the type, quality, and strength of the lock. The bike lock you might need may depend on the area you’re in. If you bike in an area where bikes and bike theft are relatively uncommon, a heavy duty lock might be overkill. On the other hand, in areas where bikes are everywhere, thieves may be prepared with more sophisticated tools.

Other important factors include the lock’s thickness — the thicker it is, the less likely it can be cut with bolt cutters — and its size. Smaller locks are typically more difficult to break, but they can be awkward to secure. Ready to deter thieves and find your favorite among the best bike locks? Read on!

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini Bike Lock

Best overall

Outsmart thieves with the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini. Its small size is deceptive. It boasts 18-millimeter high-performance steel that resists cutting and leverage. It features a patented steel sleeve over a crossbar for added security along with a double deadbolt and center keyway. The high security disc-style cylinder resists picking and drilling for optimal anti-theft protection.

Kryptonite’s KryptoFlex Looped Bike Security Cable

Best cable lock

Need to lock multiple bicycles? Kryptonite’s KryptoFlex Looped Bike Security Cable is ideal for securing two or more bikes, scooters, or motorcycles when used along with a Kryptonite lock. This three-eighths-inch thick, braided steel cable offers cut resistance and a double looped style that you can use with your favorite U-locks, padlocks, and disc locks.

Sigtuna Bike Locks U-Lock

Best U-lock

One look at this heavy-duty locking system and thieves will rethink targeting your bicycle. It comes with a four-foot double loop steel cable and a heavy-duty 16 mm steel U-lock shackle. Its double bolt mechanism offers extra strength and protection. It also comes with a mounting bracket and one-button release so you can enjoy a balance between security and convenience.

Stolen bikes cost money and time. Even worse, they can be heartbreaking. Safeguarding your ride with the best bike locks should only be part of your strategy. Also consider implementing safety tips like parking your bike in well-lit public areas, placing your bike in spots awkward for cutting tools to fit into, and keeping the lock as high off the ground as possible.

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