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6 backyard games you can play with a beach ball

Can you imagine sitting around, messing with apps on your phone when you could be having fun in the backyard? How boring!

More and more, families are feeling a desire to get out of the house, out of the world of the internet, and away from the social media landscape to have real fun with friends and family in the here and now. Parents want to encourage kids to play outside, maybe introduce outdoor games for the family to enjoy.

Want to lower stress, improve hand-eye coordination, and just loosen up and have fun with friends and family in the backyard?

In this article, we’ll show you how with six backyard games you can play with a beach ball!

Two Adorable Little Girls Playing with Beach Ball
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Beach ball relays

On to the races! You probably played this kind of game during recess at school or camp. Now you can do the same in your backyard! You simply need to ensure that the players all run from a starting point to a turnaround point and back again for each variation.

What you’ll need:

  • Two beach balls.
  • Two teams with an equal number of players.
  • Something to mark the turnaround point (a chair, fence, or orange cone can work just fine).

How to use the beach ball:

  • Two team members try to race while holding the beach ball between them using nothing but their hips.
  • Two team members try to race while holding the beach ball between them using nothing but their heads.
  • Two team members try to race while holding the beach ball between them using nothing but their backs.
  • Each team member races against the opposite team by using the beach ball to roll across the lawn on their stomachs.

Swipe beach

It doesn’t matter if the group you’ve gathered together is made up of kids, teens, adults, or anything in between. This single-ball backyard game is loads of fun!

To play, simply divide players into two separate teams and have everyone line up across each side of the backyard. Have everyone number themselves, starting with one and going on until all players have a number.

Once that’s accomplished, put the beach ball in the middle of the yard and then randomly shout out a number. Members of both teams with that number must then race and attempt to swipe the ball. Once in possession of it, they must get it back to their team without the opposing player tagging them.

Players can score points in the following manner:

  • One point for reaching the ball, grabbing it and running it back to their team without being caught.
  • The opposing team wins a point if the player with the beach ball drops it.
  • The opposing team scores if they tag the player who grabbed the ball before they can get it back to their team.

The game continues until one team achieves a score of 21.

Icebreaker beach ball

This is a backyard beach ball game that’s perfect for team building or when a group of new friends gets together for the first time.

As the game’s name implies, it’s all about breaking the ice and getting to know each other. To do that, you simply take a permanent marker and write icebreaker questions all over the beach ball.

Players then stand in a circle and toss the beach ball across the middle to a player directly opposite of them. The player that catches the ball simply has to answer whatever question is closest to their left thumb.

After answering, the player tosses it to another player, and the game continues.

Dodge the beach ball

In this fun backyard game, you get to play dodgeball with beach balls, and no one gets hurt. That makes it a game perfect for everyone!

The object of the game, of course, is to keep from being hit by beach balls thrown at you by members of the opposing team.

What you’ll need:

  • A jump rope (or something to mark a dividing line).
  • A few beach balls.
  • Someone to act as a referee.

To play, you simply need to divide your backyard into two areas of equal size. There should be a line down the center, which you can make by laying down a rope line (you can even use a jump rope for this) or something similar. Then, place the beach balls on the line, spaced evenly apart.

When the referee calls “go!” or blows a whistle to signal the start of a round, the opposing teams rush forward in an attempt to get to the balls first. Whoever grabs them then throws them at members of the opposing team in an effort to knock them out of the game.

Players who get hit with a beach ball are out of the game. If a ball is caught before it hits the ground, the player who threw it is out of the game.

Players aren’t allowed to step across the dividing line or out of bounds. (You’ll have to decide what constitutes “out of bounds” in your backyard.)

Action beach ball

This is a backyard beach ball game that’s best for smaller kids. It’s super simple. All you need do is write an action word on the ball with a permanent marker. For example, just write dance, kick, spin, jump, run, etc.

Kids throw the ball back and forth, and the kid who catches the ball has to perform the action closest to where their hands land when they catch it.

It can be even more fun if the action words you choose are funny ones!

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