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Mellanni Bedsheets Review: I tested out Amazon’s best-selling sheets

I recently became aware that over 120,000 Amazon customer reviews have rated Mellanni Fine Linens’ 1800 Collection Sheet Set — and nearly 65,000 of those reviews gave Mellanni Bedsheets full 5-star ratings. This got my interest, and the super affordable price of just $35 on Amazon drew me in further.  These sheet sets also come in 43 different colors or patterns and 11 sizes — that’s quite a variety! On top of that, the soft, breathable feel was tempting and its claim to be wrinkle-resistant, fade-resistant, and stain-resistant seemed too good to be true. I set out to find out everything I could about these sheets. Read on to get the full review.

What we tested

I tried out the Mellanni Brushed Microfiber Quatrefoil in navy blue and size Twin. This set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a pillowcase.

First impression

When the set first arrived, I opened the box, took out the package and unzipped the sheets. I immediately liked the deep blue color of the pattern I chose, and I could tell the softness was going to be lovely when I ran my hand over the fabric.

How long I tested

I tested out the sheets sets for a full month. I tested them out for two weeks initially and then washed them to test its wrinkle-resistant claim and spent another two weeks on it. 

Pros and Cons


Soft, smooth feel: These sheets are lovely to the touch, soft and smooth wherever you run your fingertips. The fabric is 100% double brushed polyester microfiber. What is microfiber? It’s an ultra-fine synthetic yarn typically made from polyester or nylon, which is 100 times thinner than a human hair. The sheets were a delight when placed on the bed after each wash.

Rich colors: As mentioned above, the blue color in the pattern I chose showed up to be a nice, deep, dark blue that looks really striking on the bed, especially with the white trim and my off-white comforter. Be sure to look through the many colors available to see what will make your bedroom pop.

Wrinkle and stain-resistant: During the time that I tested them, I found they remained fade-resistant after washing. They are moisture-wicking and absorbent as well, as can be confirmed by the warmer nights that occurred during our testing time. I remained dry and cool throughout the night, just as promised. I can also share proudly that a stain I attempted to set on the white portion of the pattern with tomato juice and red wine came out easily when rinsed with cool water only — so they are stain-resistant!

Deep pockets: I also found the deep pocket feature quite remarkable on these sheets. They can be tucked far in under the mattress — especially the fitted sheet — on all sides, and both layers stay in place and cozy all night. Officially, they are described as fitting up to a 16-inch mattress.


Microfiber isn’t everyone’s cup of tea: While these sheets are fantastic in many ways, the microfiber aspect isn’t everyone’s favorite. Environmentalists don’t care for the fabric’s potential impact on the environment, but washing them less often in colder water as well as utilizing some of these tips may help somewhat.

Brushed microfiber can collect dust easily: Cleaning and dusting cloths are comprised of it for that reason. Not an attractive thought — but while this may be true, shaking them out and hanging them in fresh air every so often seems like a workable solution.

Who is it for?

These sheets could be great for anyone, i.e. families of any size, partners, children, parents and grandparents, or anyone looking for a great budget find. They would also make a nice gift for someone, perhaps as part of a house-warming or moving-into-the-dormitory college care package. Those who sleep warm would likely appreciate these as well.

What customers think

Overall, customers give these sheets high praise, both the company (4.9 stars out of 5 possible) and Amazon (4.5 stars out of 5 possible), and I can see why. 

Should you buy it?

I’ve considered the pros and cons and concluded that most people are likely to enjoy these sheets — so yes! To recap, they’re super soft and silky, get softer with every wash, demonstrate wrinkle and stain-resistance, are affordable and durable and come in a wide variety of nice, colors and attractive patterns.

The microfiber issue is one that can be at least partially remedied by shaking the sheets outside and hanging them in fresh air every so often, as well as washing them less often than your other sheets, and in colder water.

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