How to put on a duvet cover in 5 easy steps

One of the facts about duvet covers is its arduousness in putting in. You’ve deep cleaned your mattress, put on freshly washed pillow cases onto new pillows, laid out your newly laundered bedding, and then you’re left with the duvet insert and cover. How do you do this again? No worries — you are definitely not the first to feel that way, and we’ve got a great how-to guide for you that should clear things up and make this frustrating chore a cinch! Come follow along and we’ll get that duvet cover on in a jiffy.

The California Roll

The easiest way we’ve found to get a duvet cover on is nicknamed after everyone’s favorite type of sushi (or maybe just mine?) — the California Roll. And, yes, it is just as simple as it sounds. To give you a peek at the process, here’s a TikTok video demonstration. If you found that hard to follow, here’s a slightly slower version of the same technique (only, in this video, it’s called The Burrito Method) on YouTube.

Now, let’s break it into step:

Step 1

Turn duvet cover inside out. Place it flat on your bed, with the opening at the foot of the bed.

Step 2

Place your comforter (or other insert) on top of the duvet cover, flattened out so that the corners match up and everything is even.

Step 3

Beginning at the head of your bed, start rolling the duvet cover and comforter together as one piece toward the foot of the bed, just like you would roll a burrito or California Roll.

Step 4

When you’ve got it all rolled up at the foot of the bed, pull the duvet cover opening over the end on one side of the California Roll, then the other. Then, pull the rest through in the center until the duvet is completely covering the comforter. (This essentially turns it “inside-out.”) If there is a zipper or buttons, use them to close up the duvet.

Step 5

For the final step, unroll the California Roll or burrito upward to the headboard of the bed in the opposite direction. Once it’s all back in place and lying flat, give it some fluffing to your desired texture. Now it’s ready for you to get in and get to sleeping!

Duvet size

Mind the fit of your duvet and of your comforter or other insert. To fit the insert inside the duvet, it should allow plus or minus 2 inches, depending upon whether you want a regular or snug fit. For example, a snug fit will make your duvet look fuller and will require the comforter to be larger than the duvet by approximately two inches in both dimensions.

The overstuffed look

It’s worth noting that some have reported using inserts as much as 6 inches larger than the duvet for an overstuffed look. Some even say they like to use an insert that’s one full size too large for a super overstuffed look. For example, you could fit a full insert into a twin duvet, or a king insert into a queen duvet.

It should also be noted, however, that although this may be a preferred look, it doesn’t always work out exactly the way intended. With this in mind, be sure to keep all receipts, and ask about refund policies when purchasing new inserts and duvets, in case they don’t fit the way you envisioned.

We hope you have an easier time putting your duvet on now that you’ve checked out our guide, and we hope you’ll visit again soon. If you need more sleep-related topics, check out the benefits of memory foam pillows. Happy sleeping!

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