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The best wedge pillows to help with sleep issues

If you have someone at home that snores, a wedge pillow might be just what the doctor ordered. Sleeping on a slight incline can help cut down on snoring and make sleeping more comfortable in situations where you have a cold, heartburn, acid reflux, some types of sleep apnea, or just like to be elevated slightly while you snooze.

There is a wide variety of different wedge pillows on the market. The right wedge pillow for you will be determined, in part, by how and how often you plan on using it. You’ll also want to look for a wedge pillow made out of a comfortable and easy to clean material and something that works for your sleep position preferences. We’ve made a list of some of the best wedge pillows out there to help you track down the best one.

At a glance:

Best hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant: Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic 

Brentwood Home offers an excellent hypoallergenic pillow, ideal for those with allergies, respiratory issues, or pain in the neck, shoulders, back, or otherwise. Its design can help minimize the effects of sleep problems like snoring, acid reflux, and circulation. It can even be placed in other positions to aid digestion or help with leg circulation as well.

  • Filling: Depending upon which type of wedge you buy, the filling is either therapeutic foam, foam with gel memory, or foam with a latex layer.
  • Who’s it for:  This pillow is great for anyone with respiratory issues, pain in the neck, shoulders, or back, snoring, or acid reflux.

Best cooling gel memory foam:  Helix Wedge Pillow

The Helix Wedge Pillow offers cooling properties, a welcome trait for the warm sleepers among us. Aside from being great for back and neck pain, acid reflux, GERD, snoring, and sleep apnea, this pillow also offers a 100-night sleep trial so you can make sure you love it before you fully commit to the purchase. Don’t want to keep it? Get a full refund — just make sure you keep your receipts and documentation.

  • Filling: Gel memory foam and polyurethane foam.
  • Who’s it for:  This wedge pillow can be used to support the upper back and shoulders or lowered to elevate the legs or support the lower back.

Best for shoulder relief: MedCline Shoulder Relief Wedge

This wedge pillow is designed for side sleepers to get optimal sleep while alleviating the pain and/or pressure from a painful or injured shoulder. The MedCline Shoulder Relief Wedge is particularly helpful for old sports injuries, shoulder arthritis, and other forms of joint discomfort. Attached with a memory foam body pillow, sleepers can enjoy this for full-body relaxation all night.

  • Filling: Proprietary blend of shredded foam.
  • Who’s it for? Best for side sleepers in need of should relief. This wedge pillow has a patented arm pocket to help shoulders with relief.

Best for acid reflux and GERD: Bed Wedge FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow

The Bed Wedge FitPlus Premium Wedge features two inches of memory foam on top of a high-quality polyurethane base. The cover for this product is machine washable for ease of use, and specially designed to be cool and breathable while you sleep.

  • Filling: Memory foam and polyurethane.
  • Who’s it for? Great for supporting the upper back and shoulders for those with breathing difficulties, such as snoring, sleep apnea, etc.

Best 3-in-1 design: Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow

The Xtra-Comfort Bed Wedge Pillow features an extremely versatile 3-in-1 design, which allows it to be used under your head, back, or legs. The machine- washable cover is made out of a highly breathable polyester material, and this product can also be used in conjunction with your other pillows.

  • Filling: High-density memory foam.
  • Who’s It For?  This one is best for those who need an adjustable pillow to get the angle just right on their wedge.

Best for knee and sciatica pain: ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

The ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow has been specially designed for people in need of pain relief from their sciatica, back, or legs. The product is ergonomically designed for this purpose, and its cover is both machine washable and very breathable. This product also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • Filling: 100% memory foam.
  • Who’s it for? This one is best for those who suffer from sciatica pain, knee injuries, or otherwise.

Before you purchase a wedge pillow, it is a good idea to do some research to make sure it’s going to help your specific needs. Also, make sure that you purchase one that is durable and has a machine-washable cover. We hope this list helps you find the right wedge pillow for you. If you need any further information on sleep-related topics, please visit our sleep hub. 

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