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The best wake-up light alarm clock for energized mornings

With a wake-up light alarm clock, you’ll wake up to a gradual brightening light that imitates a sunrise. This wake-up ritual is much more gentle than a blaring alarm clock. For added convenience, many light alarm clocks play gentle sleep sounds. Get restful sleep with one of the wake-up light alarm clocks on our list.

Besides waking you gently in the morning, light alarm clocks are also useful for helping you sleep. Dimming lights and soothing sounds, like white noise and nature sounds, lull you to sleep, making these alarm clocks ideal for all ages. Moreover, some alarm clocks offer a nightlight option and customizable light settings you can adjust to your preferences. Now, let’s take a closer look at our best options. 

At A Glance:

  • Best overall: Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light Therapy
  • Best value: HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock
  • Best for kids: LittleHippo Trainer Alarm Clock
  • Best for nurseries: Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
  • Best for iPhone users: GDMONIN Sunrise Alarm Clock
  • Most colors: TITIROBA Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Best overall: Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light Therapy

The Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up light alarm clock is worthy of being the best overall pick since it is the only one scientifically proven so far to help you rise up in the morning with a surge of energy. This therapeutic light offers ten different light intensities that gradually increase in the span of 30 minutes and intuitively dims when it is time for bed. You can even opt to wake up to either the sound of nature or to your favorite FM radio show instead of an irritating noise. And if your power source is disconnected, backup energy will still keep the alarm clock going for eight hours or longer.

Best Value: HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

HeimVision’s Sunrise Alarm Clock is the best value option thanks to its Alexa Echo and Google Home Assistant compatibility, seven alarm sound options, and a snooze button. The alarm clock will brighten increasingly from dim to bright yellow light to make you feel like you’re waking up under a brilliant sunrise, no matter the weather outside. It also has an FM radio function that easily allows you to add your favorite song as your new alarm sound. With its built-in speaker, you can also program it to play three natural sounds to soothe you to sleep.

Best for kids: LittleHippo Mella Trainer Alarm Clock

Parents who are establishing their kiddo’s sleeping routine will be glad to have the LittleHippo Trainer Alarm Clock. Its kid-friendly interface features cartoonish facial expressions to let them know when it’s time to sleep and wake up. To better engage your child, you can have them call this alarm clock by its name, Mella, as well as let them choose among three sleep sound options and five nightlight colors. And when they’re a little older, you can use the other two sounds as a silent countdown for timed activities.

Best for Nurseries: Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

If you’re in the midst of decorating a nursery for your newborn, then the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine might just be the missing piece that can make your life a wee bit easier. Apart from producing white noise, it is also a night light and alarm clock that can keep your little one asleep longer and adjust to their sleeping habits when they get older. The best part about it is that you can control and customize its color, brightness, sound, and volume level right from your smartphone or tablet once you download the Hatch Baby Rest app as much as you can program it to automatically turn on and off. You can also trust its lock feature so that the settings stay the same regardless of your toddler toggling on its manual buttons plus, it stays cool throughout the night for your peace of mind.

Best for iPhone Users: GDMONIN Sunrise Alarm Clock

Those with iPhones 7 and above can consider this a solid bet. It does not only serve to wake you up or provide light but also as a wireless charging station. With the convenience it offers, you might not have to look for your charger at night or have the perfect opportunity to declutter your bedside table with fewer cables getting in the way. This is also ideal for those who prefer the beeping sound typical alarm clocks make. There are six light colors to choose from that can be manually or automatically set to brighten or dim to suit your environment.

Most Colors: TITIROBA Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

The Titiroba Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock simulates the sunrise indoors so it doesn’t matter if you have black-out curtains or if the weather is gloomy outside. Its light turns on 30 minutes before it is time to wake up, and gradually brightens until the alarm goes off. And even if you’re living in the busy city, you can simply wake up to the sound of birds singing, waves crashing, and even a thunderstorm. Its compact design means you’ll easily find a place for it on your nightstand, while its touch control at the top makes it easy to snooze. With three adjustable light settings, you can use it as a nightlight, for reading, or to illuminate some craftwork. It can also switch through 256 RGB color combinations which you can freeze at any point so you can use it to set the mood too.

Wake-up light alarm clocks are more customizable and calming than traditional alarm clocks. Instead of being startled out of sleep with a loud alarm, wake up peacefully with alarm clocks that mimic natural sunrise light. You can adjust the light intensity and sound to your preferred settings, so you can start your day on a positive note. Take a look at these wake-up light alarm clocks to make your mornings more pleasant.

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