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The best starry nightlight projectors for bedtime and relaxation

There’s something enchanting and soothing about stargazing. Lying on the grass to watch the stars definitely has its way of calming the soul and the mind. Thankfully, starry nightlight projectors are invented to make this activity possible even in the comfort of our own homes. For parents, children, and anyone else who find bedtime stressful and frustrating, these devices are also great to have since they offer sleep-inducing benefits that promote a good night’s rest.

When you can’t get out to gaze at the stars, a starry nightlight projector can provide the same effect from the warmth and comfort of your home. In addition to relaxation, it can also be used to elevate party ambiance or transform a certain area of your space. Some models even double as a Bluetooth speaker or a white noise sound machine. There are many different types of galactic projectors available out there, so we’ve gone ahead and compiled here our favorite picks to help you decide which will work best for you.

At a glance:

  • Best overall: BlissLights Sky Lite Laser Projector
  • Best for nurseries: Moredig Night Light Projector
  • Best multipurpose: Luckkid Multifunctional Projector Lamp
  • Best planetarium style: Sega Homestar Original Star Projector
  • Best budget: Kingwill Star Night Light Projector
  • Best with speaker: Drago Star Projector
  • Best with white noise: SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector
  • Most educational: Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector

Best overall: BlissLights Sky Lite Laser Projector

Drift away under the BlissLights Sky Lite’s patented green stars that transform into a blue nebula cloud, for a relaxing experience that will soothe you to sleep. Perfect for adults and kids, this laser projector can also be used to create a home spa environment, transform your dining room, enhance your home theater, or bring stunning visuals to your game room. This projector features simple button controls, multiple light effects, and adjustable brightness so you can customize the ambiance to your liking.

Best for nurseries: Moredig Night Light Projector

With kid-friendly figures and multiple light modes, the Moredig Night Light Projector is the perfect companion to help your little one feel relaxed in their room. It features an auto shut-off timer to provide gentle lighting for 5 to 500 minutes. You can choose between the stars and animal pattern to create the perfect sleeping environment in your child’s nursery. Additionally, the projector comes with 12 soft music options built in which are great for soothing your baby and exercising their hearing.

Best multipurpose: Luckkid Multifunctional Projector Lamp

For children who love the stars and anything that is space-related, the Luckkid Multifunctional Projector Lamp is the perfect gift to celebrate special occasions and help them sleep soundly every night. It includes five optional films to project a birthday celebration, magical planets, starry nights, constellations, or an undersea world, complete with six lighting effects so you can select your desired atmosphere. You can also choose to leave the cover on to use it as a regular nightlight. This projector lamp is powered by either three AA batteries or via USB connection. Play against the ceiling or against the wall for a magical experience in your child’s room.

Best planetarium style: Sega Homestar Original Star Projector

With the Sega Homestar Original Star Projector, you’ll feel as if you’re sitting in your own planetarium. This model is built with lenses and projection discs that can display stunning and lifelike night sky visuals with 60,000 stars. The projector can be rotated, and the focus and projection can be adjusted, allowing you to find the ideal viewing angle. As an added bonus, there’s a convenient timer built in so you can fall asleep under the illusion of a starry sky on your ceiling.

Best budget: Kingwill Star Night Light Projector

Fill your kids’ room with the starry wonder of the Kingwill Star Night Light Projector. This little device can project a colorful burst of moving galactic star and moon visuals on the walls or ceiling. It uses an ultra-quiet motor and comes with a variety of lighting color options and effects so you can create the ideal setting depending on the mood or the surrounding. Kids and adults alike can revel in the peaceful, enjoyable, and comfortable effects of this nightlight, whether it be for bedtime or relaxation. It requires a USB cable or three AA batteries to run.

Best with speaker: Drago Star Projector

Who wouldn’t want to relax under starry lights with dreamy music playing in the background? With the Drago Star Projector, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. This model offers 44 lighting effects for starry lights and 10 color combinations for nebula cloud visuals. You’ll be able to achieve your desired galaxy room aesthetic by adjusting the colors, speeds, and brightness to your preference. Furthermore, the projector comes with a Bluetooth- and USB-enabled built-in speaker so you can pair the wonderful projections with your favorite music or lullabies for your children. It can also be used to brighten up parties, date nights, and game rooms.

Best with white noise: SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector

Create a romantic and calming environment whenever you please to with the SOAIY Aurora Night Light Projector. This device projects a mesmerizing show of red, green, blue, and yellow colors perfect for relaxing and falling asleep. If used with the cover on, it acts as a standard nightlight that can illuminate dark areas softly. What makes it unique, however, is the inclusion of nature sounds. This means you can utilize it as a white noise sound machine that can deliver the sounds of the rain, thunder, ocean, and more.

Most educational: Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector

Have your little ones explore the wonders of the universe in the comfort of your own home with the magnificent visuals of the Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector. Truly educational, this device comes with four reel discs and 32 photo slides that display spaceships, planets, solar systems, stars, and galaxies. Double-sided with stationary and moving modes, it can be rotated to show drifting stars onto walls or ceiling. Use it in a dark room for a fun and immersive celestial experience. The projector mimics the look of a real spaceship and observatory equipment that science-loving kids will surely adore.

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