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Is beauty sleep really a thing? Here’s what you need to know

Sleep is one of the vital things in life, yet modern life has forced people to work, study, or even watch movies until the wee hours of the morning. Such a lifestyle means most people have fewer than six hours of sleep daily.

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Over time, sleep deprivation leads to several symptoms, such as puffy eyes, pale skin, hanging eyelids, and under-eye circles. There’s even a belief regarding the connection between sleep and acne, although the scientific basis for this is still not proven, and the jury is still out on this claim. Nevertheless, the notion of “beauty sleep” is about getting adequate sleep to avoid such symptoms, which can make you appear less attractive to others.

Here is what you need to know.

Defining beauty sleep

According to Michael Breus, Ph.D., a board-certified sleep specialist, getting inadequate sleep usually affects your appearance. He further explains that how you sleep affects the way you look. So, it’s advisable to get about seven to nine hours of sleep every day to get a healthier and better-looking appearance.

In this context, beauty sleep is just a catchphrase for getting adequate sleep every day. For those who are used to waking up with a tired and puffy face, it’s possible to address such an appearance by getting more sleep.

What does the research say?

Several institutions and sleep experts support the idea of beauty sleep. A 2017 study showed that two days of inadequate sleep affected the health and appearance of participants. This also affected the alertness of the participants, including making their faces sleep.

Helena M. Schotland, M.D., a sleep specialist, also notes that your outside body appearance is a true reflection of how you take care of your body on the inside. This means that a lack of enough rest doesn’t sit well with your internal body functions and processes. Think of it as beauty from within.

Benefits of beauty sleep

You’ll notice several benefits when you start adding one to three hours of sleep to your usual sleep time. Here are the beauty benefits of getting adequate sleep.

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1. Improved skin tone

When you sleep, the skin makes new collagen as part of the body repair process. So, getting enough rest provides the skin enough time to make more collagen, a protein in the body that prevents skin wrinkles and fine lines.

Also, blood flow is usually optimal when you’re sleeping. As more blood moves to the skin, the skin is nourished and cleaned. This means you wake up with a healthy glow.

2. Less-puffy eyes

It’s typical to have bags under your eyes with dark circles when you wake up after a night of less sleep. Puffy eyes are the first symptoms of inadequate sleep.

You can avoid this by getting adequate sleep. Staying well-hydrated during the day also helps the body get rid of excessive fluids fast. Additionally, elevate your head with an extra pillow to help reduce puffiness.

3. Healthier appearance

Inadequate sleep makes your face appear sleepy and tired during the day. Other symptoms include droopy corners of the mouth, paler skin, and sagging eyelids. These all affect your appearance.

Getting enough sleep makes your appearance healthier. You can always be sure of waking up without experiencing any such symptoms in the morning.

4. Fuller hair

Your hair growth can also be affected by inadequate sleep, leading to hair damage, breakage, or even hair loss. Hair follicles get nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from blood flow. Decreased blood flow due to inadequate sleep denies the follicles this nourishment, weakening your hair and making it hard to grow.

So, remember to always get seven to nine hours of sleep to ensure a consistent supply of nutrients and vitamins to the hair follicles. Keep in mind that sleep deprivation also leads to stress, which causes increased production of the hormone cortisol. This hormone contributes to hair loss.

Final thoughts

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It’s so easy to overlook the value of sleep. No wonder people nowadays can stay up late at night with no guilt. Over time, this behavior takes its toll on the body, yet many people never realize it. It’s easy to seek medical attention for puffy eyes or wrinkles when the culprit is inadequate sleep.

Scientists recommend adults get about eight hours of sleep every day. Fewer hours than that means you’re likely to experience the signs of inadequate sleep, which impacts your appearance.

The idea of beauty sleep simply means getting enough sleep to improve your appearance. Once you start getting enough sleep, you’ll notice your appearance enhancing day by day.

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