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The best dog camping accessories for fun, hassle-free trips

Bringing your dog along with you during camping and other outdoor adventures provides them with a whole new world where they can explore different smells, sights, and sounds. It also offers a great way for you to bond more, and at the same time, serves as an excellent source of physical activity and training opportunities. To make sure that your furry friend has a wonderful time relaxing and discovering the great outdoors, it’s important that you get all the essentials ready, including dog camping accessories.

Gearing up with the right dog accessories when camping is key to ensuring that your trip runs smoothly both for you and your pooch. We’ve gone ahead and researched the best camping accessories for dogs to help you prepare when you decide to head out into the wilderness. Our compilation covers all the essentials, from dog leashes and bowls to dog beds and everything in between. We also made a list of the best dog hiking gear for you to check out.

At a glance:

Best dog sunglasses: NVTED Dog Goggles

It may come as a surprise to you but our beloved pups need protection from the sun’s UV rays, too. Regular sunglasses will not cut it since they aren’t going to stay in your dog’s face for long. We recommend this pair of NVTED dog goggles, which has the capacity to safeguard your pup’s eyes from debris and wind, and at the same time, offer 100% UV protection. The elastic chin strap is adjustable so it hugs the face perfectly, eliminating the worry of the goggles falling off. They are also anti-fog, waterproof, and shatterproof, plus they have a soft frame so there’s no pressure on the eyes.

Best dog leash: Hi Kiss Training Leash

The Hi Kiss Training Leash is suitable to use for a variety of outdoor activities — camping included. It’s highly visible and lengthy enough to let your dog wander around and to use for distance training. The leash is made of 100% heavy-duty nylon, making it strong enough to control large breeds. Additionally, it is light in weight, quick to coil, soft on the hands, and will float when submerged.

Best grooming tool: Kurgo Portable Outdoor Shower for Dogs

With the Kurgo Portable Outdoor Shower, you can transform an ordinary plastic bottle into an instant dog shower. Simply attach it to the bottle (ideally a two-liter one so there’s enough water to clean up your pooch) and then tighten it onto the bottleneck. The little tool has multiple holes for continuous flow of water, so you can rinse off your playful dog who just had an adventure on the dirt or mud quickly and easily.

Best dog pack: Outward Hound DayPak

Most dogs have the energy and chutzpah to actually carry their own stuff (or some of your things if need be). The Outward Hound DayPak is meant for just that. This light-capacity pack comes in a saddlebag design with a high-quality structure that lets your dog carry small gear and accessories comfortably. With four expandable pockets in place, there’s enough storage for your pup’s toys, food, and other essentials. Just attach your dog’s leash into the D-ring clip when you’re ready to head out. The water-resistant fabric makes it perfect for camping and other outdoor getaways.


Best dog food bag: Kurgo Dog Food Travel Bag

Keep your dog’s food fresh and dry with the Kurgo Dog Food Travel Bag. This food carrier is made from a safe, durable, hex-weave fabric with a roll-down top that works in maintaining the freshness of food all while preventing pests and moisture from coming in. It has a storage space that can hold up to 5 pounds of dry food, complete with pockets that can be used for storing keys, treats, doggie waste bags, and even cash. The bag is machine-washable for easy cleanup. (Feeder not included)


Best dog bowl: Bonza Collapsible Dog Bowl

The collapsible convenience of this Bonza dog bowl makes it perfect for camping, hiking, and road trips. It can be completely flattened so it only takes very little room in your rucksack. Built with durability in mind, it will not break when dropped or collapse when filled with food or water. It’s ideal for a medium or large-sized dog and can even be shared by two pups, as it measures 7 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height when fully expanded. You can also choose to expand it just halfway or adjust accordingly depending on the amount of food or drink you’re giving your dog. As an added bonus, the bowl comes with a water bottle holder that can be attached to your bag or belt so your pup can drink as needed during walks or hikes.

Best dog boots: Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots

If you plan on exploring tough trails with your dog, it’s great to invest in dog boots to make sure their paws are protected. This model from Ultra Paws is constructed from durable materials (including water-resistant nylon) and boast superior stitching, allowing for intact support and solid grip on wet terrain. These all-purpose protector booties are so flexible and comfortable and can be used for hot and color or dry and wet conditions.


Best dog bed: Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed

With the Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed, you’ll have peace of mind that your fur baby is comfortable during camping and road trips. It’s specially made to endure the roughness of the outdoors, thanks to its ripstop nylon, double offset quilts, and poly-suede top components that ensure a soft-to-touch cushioned support on firm, sold surfaces. The portable stuff sack and roll-up capability mean it’s not a heavy, bulky load to bring on travels. The bed is designed to accommodate dog breeds of all sizes.


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