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The best travel pillows to keep you comfortable

When you hit the road on your next outdoorsy adventure, don’t forget to pack a pillow built for travel. These compact headrests help you get the sleep you need to make the most of your trip. Plus, after a day of exploration, you’ll be grateful for a cushioned pillow to rest and prepare for the next day.

Road trips can be as draining as plane rides. But when you keep your head and neck comfortable, a long car trip feels more manageable for you and the driver. The travel pillows on our list put an end to the constant “Are we there yet?” and let everyone in the car enjoy the journey. Check out the top-rated pillows that make the trek go by in the blink of an eye.

MLVOC Travel Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Best Travel Pillow

The MLVOC Travel Memory Foam Neck Pillow is the key to a relaxing plane ride. This complete kit includes a memory foam travel pillow, contoured eye masks, and ear plugs. It all comes in a luxury bag that feels first class, no matter where you sit in the plane. Take your travel to the next level and enjoy the relaxation of superior-quality memory foam that’s ergonomically designed to offer cushioning where you need it most. With this set, you’ll get all the support you need to rest your head, eyes, and ears while on the go.

Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

Best Compressible Pillow

A compact pillow is essential for backpackers and road warriors who travel light. The Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow lets you pack it down to an extra-small bundle for the journey. Once you’ve arrived, take the pillow out of its bag and watch it expand to a 4-inch thick headrest. So convenient, this compressible pillow will become your trusted travel companion no matter where you go. At only 9 ounces, it helps minimize the load while ensuring a restful sleep in any tent, plane, or overnight accommodation.

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow

Best Neck Support

Tired of your head flopping forward while you try to sleep on the go? Say good-bye to restless sleep with the BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow. Designed to offer all-around support, this ergonomic pillow supports the head, neck, and chin of adults and children. Find your perfect size and take pressure off your neck and shoulders, so you can finally let go and sleep well while you travel. This machine-washable pillow includes a snap strap that lets you attach it to your luggage when not in use.

Long trips can take a toll on your neck, while frequent travel makes resting a challenge. To make the journey more comfortable, our favorite travel pillows give you the support and cushion you need for a relaxing trip. With their help, you’ll enjoy the pleasures of travel again and arrive at your destination feeling great.