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This $20 luggage scale will help you avoid fees on planes, trains, and bus trips

Traveling can be stressful. Just consider all the things that can go wrong with your luggage: lost items, forgotten items and, of course, the dreaded luggage fees. Who needs that hassle?

That’s why you need a way to help lessen the frustration by ensuring you pack only what you need and that your luggage’s weight won’t end up causing you to pay more than absolutely necessary. We recommend two things: a travel packing list and a luggage scale.

Suitcase With Luggage Scale
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Why you need a luggage scale

Digital luggage scales allow you to know your luggage’s precise weight before arriving at the airport, train station, or bus terminal. Most can give you accurate readings in both pounds and kilograms. Knowing exactly what your luggage weighs can prevent you from having to pay unnecessary baggage fees because your suitcase was too heavy, ensuring you’ll have peace of mind no matter how rushed you are getting to your destination.

The best luggage scales are designed to clip to your bag or suitcase so you can lift them up with ease. From there, it takes only a few moments to determine your luggage’s weight. A readout will appear on the scale’s screen, letting you know instantly whether you need to unpack a few things or if you’re good to go.

A bonus for overseas travel

Remember, if you’re traveling outside of the U.S., it’s more than likely that you’re going to have to know what your luggage weighs in kilograms. A digital luggage scale will be able to easily switch back and forth between pounds and kilograms without a hitch. Knowing precisely how much your luggage weighs in kilograms can save you a lot of frustration when traveling internationally.

Our top pick

We believe that the Balanzza Luggage Scale happens to be one of the best luggage scales on the market. As with any good luggage scale, it switches from pounds to kilograms with the click of a button, has a large LCD screen that shows your luggage’s weight, and is super easy to operate. It comes with a manual, of course, but many of those who use it feel like they don’t need to read it because the scale is so simple to use!

All you have to do is secure its strap around your luggage, make sure it’s turned on, and lift. That’s it!

The main drawback is that it can only display up to 100 pounds, but if your luggage weighs more than that, you’re in trouble anyway. It works on two AA batteries that will last for quite some time — just don’t turn on the Balanzza and then forget to turn it off!

What others say

Most reviews you’ll find on Amazon concerning the Balanzaa luggage scale are positive. In fact, the product received a 4.4 out of a 5-star rating, with one reviewer raving, “The whole device is a big handle. Easy to hold with TWO hands, and does not cut into the hands in any way.”

We agree, and would add that the convenience of its size is yet another selling factor. It’s an incredibly space-efficient device, making it an incredible companion on long or overseas trips when every square inch of the suitcase counts.

Whether you’re traveling near or far in the coming months, a good luggage scale is important to have. Save yourself the fees, stress, guesswork, and hassle by picking one up today!

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