The best umbrellas for staying dry

Always being prepared with an umbrella can save you from getting getting soaked in the rain — or conversely, sunburned by harsh UV rays — but it’s a real disappointment when you feel prepared, pull out your umbrella, and realize that it’s broken. When purchasing an umbrella, you want to consider the quality of the umbrella and your main uses for it. If you live in a climate with constant rain, you may want a more rugged umbrella to use regularly than if you live somewhere where there are typically scattered surprise rainstorms. Meanwhile, a clear umbrella won’t offer you much sun protection.

Stay dry in all kinds of bad weather with these outstanding umbrella options. We’ve picked the best for kids, travel, or any occasion to help you choose the best umbrella option for you.

Magictec Umbrella

Best overall

The Magictec Umbrella gets our vote for best overall. Its slim, sleek design, easy-open/easy-close mechanism and superb windproof canopy make it a high-performance umbrella that really keeps you dry.

The rubberized handle is easy to grip, and the wide protective canopy collapses into a slim, 13-inch-long size for easy storage. With a lifetime guarantee, the Magictec is sure to keep you dry for years to come.

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Best for travel

If you’re seeking an effective travel umbrella, we recommend the Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella. This sleek, compact design folds up to only 11.5 inches, and weighs less than a pound. Even with its petite size it is still designed for performance: Its wind-defying 9-rib construction is extra sturdy to keep it from flipping inside-out.

With a Teflon-coated canopy, this umbrella is sure to keep you dry and safe from the wind. Plus, a lifetime warranty means that you’re covered for good!

Totes Kid’s Umbrella

Best for kids

Kids need to stay dry, too! We prefer the Totes Kid’s Umbrella to keep your child safe from the bad weather — and looking cute at the same time!

With colorful designs, the canopy is extended to make protection easier for younger users. And the easy-grip plastic handle is perfectly designed for little hands. With rounded tips and 100% waterproof plastic, this design is optimized to keep your little ones dry all year long.

Stay dry all season long with these excellent umbrella options. Whether you’re on-the-go or looking to keep your kids dry on the way to school, these winning options are built to last for even the rainiest day.

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