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Best travel accessories to pack for style and comfort

We’ve come a long way since the days of traveling when a book and a pillow were enough to keep you comfortable for the duration of your journey. Now, with easier travel access, connectivity, and mobile entertainment, we have the opportunity to keep ourselves safer and happier between our home and our destination.

These innovative products go far beyond basic charging banks and donut pillows. They remind us of how creative and innovative companies can be, with some even inspiring “what will they think of next?” in us. Read on to check out these useful travel accessories, which could come in handy for your next excursion.

At a Glance:

  • Luggage:Solgaard Carry-On Closet Suitcase
  • Luggage Scale: Camry 110-Pound Luggage Scale
  • Pillow: Travelrest Ergonomic Travel Pillow
  • Pill Organizer: Asobu Pill Bottle
  • Camera Lens Kit:Xenvo Pro Camera
  • Laundry on the Go:Scrubba Portable Wash Bag
  • Luggage Tracker:Tracki Real-Time GPS Tracker
  • Reusable Water Bottle:Mochic A5 Flat Water Bottle
  • Travel Adapter: Uppel Dual Adapter
  • Travel Charger:Gnceei Wireless Power Bank
  • Makeup Case: Chomeiu Professional Makeup Organizer

Solgaard Carry-On Closet Suitcase

It’s not your typical luggage. This innovative product has revolutionized packing and unpacking. Inside this suitcase is a structure for six shelves that pack and stack and use all of its storage space efficiently. The luggage comes in black or blue, including a free laundry bag, a built-in USB port, four spinner wheels, and several pockets.

Camry 110-Pound Luggage Scale with Temperature Sensor and Tare Function

This inexpensive portable luggage scale can save you a lot of headaches at the airport. The LCD display features measurements in pounds or kilograms, room temperature, and a tare function. It also has a low battery and battery overload indication and is powered by an included 3V CR2032 lithium battery cell.

The Ergonomic Travel Pillow

The donut pillow has evolved into a travel pillow that is not only comfortable but helps you sleep better and longer. This product prevents the sleeper’s head from falling forward, and it inflates and deflates easily for convenient storage. It is lightweight, and Travelrest sells an optional plush cover for extra comfort.

Asobu Pill Organizer

This invention is no ordinary pill organizer. It is a whole medication system that includes a water bottle and a top that doubles as a cup. Fill the container with 20 ounces of whatever you like, and you’ll always have something to wash down your pills. The organizer is detachable and holds seven days of up to three standard-sized pills. You don’t even have to be traveling to want to use this gadget.

Xenvo Pro Camera Lens Kit

Wherever you’re traveling, you’re nearly always going to want to take some photos. Using your phone is fine, but for a small amount of money, you can up your photography game with a detachable camera lens that fits all single- and dual-camera phones and lets you take macro and wide-angle shots with ease. This highly-rated device comes with a lifetime warranty, charging cable, cleaning cloth, and a quick-release lanyard.

Scrubba Portable Wash Bag

This one gave us a “what will they think of next?” moment. The Scrubba is a portable washing machine that has a flexible washboard inside. Put your water, soap, and dirty clothes in there, seal it up, and roll the bag for up to three minutes for a machine-quality wash. Empty and rinse either in the bag or in nearby running water. The Scrubba Mini can wash one T-shirt, or two socks and one pair of underwear, while the largest of the product line holds three shirts, four socks, and two pairs of underwear, and can double as a camp shower. Pretty smart and very affordable.

Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker

People use GPS trackers for many items, but these tiny appliances come in very handy for luggage tracking. You can figure out where your luggage is anywhere in the U.S., Canada, and 185 other countries. It comes with an app and requires a subscription service, and uses a worldwide cellular network to communicate its whereabouts with the app. You will know where your lost luggage is before the airline does using this lightweight and convenient gadget. It’s also easily hidden, has a long battery life, and keeps a history of its locations. We can envision this device saving a ton of time and effort in the instance of lost or misplaced luggage.

Mochic A5 Flat Water Bottle

Nobody ever said that water bottles had to be round. This company decided to think out of the box and develop a flat, rectangular water bottle that fits everywhere. This BPA-free bottle holds 13 ounces of liquid, has an anti-leak lid and silicone strap, and is available in five colors. Remove the strap and it is dishwasher safe. It measures 7 inches tall, 4.25 inches across, and 1.3 inches deep, and it fits in small carry-on luggage pockets or handbags where a regular water bottle wouldn’t. It also looks very cool.

Uppel Dual USB Worldwide Travel Charger and Adapter

This little cube packs a punch when it comes to versatility. Usable in roughly 150 countries including Europe and Australia, this adapter can plug into Type F, Type G, Type I, and Type A outlets, and also has two USB plugs and a built-in safety fuse. It does not convert voltage and is not suitable for use with high-wattage appliances such as hair dryers and clothes irons. However, when your power bank has depleted, you can charge your phone anywhere in the world. And speaking of power banks …

Gnceei Wireless Power Bank

… this is a great choice for making sure that you can charge your devices while traveling. This charger is compatible with most smartphones and boasts a whopping 25000mAh capacity, three USB outlets, and a sleek design with an easy-to-read LCD display. Roughly the size of your smartphone, this power bank supplies power for days and can be charged from USB- C and Micro USB sources.

Chomeiu Professional Makeup Organizer

If makeup is part of your everyday life, this is an accessory you should not be without when you travel. This exceedingly popular compartmented case is made from waterproof nylon and durable Oxford cloth and keeps every type of makeup separate and safe within the bag. The adjustable dividers ensure accommodation for all shapes of containers, and the durable stitched construction adds strength and protection for your cosmetics investment.

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