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The best neck pillows for airplane travel

Taking a nap is one of the best ways to kill time on a long flight. Unfortunately, airplane seats are often cramped and barely recline. Neck pillows won’t solve all your problems, but they can help. Neck pillows for airplane travel are designed to support your neck and provide a comfortable cushion to sleep on in your seat.

There are several different types of neck pillows to consider. U-shaped pillows that wrap around and support your neck are the most common travel pillows. There are also pillows that support your full upper torso and include a place to put your hands, as well as full-body support for you to lean on. Before making your decision, you’ll want to know what types of foam comfort are right for you. It’s also good to look at the additional items you might need to aide your sleep (like sleep masks or earplugs) that are included with some types of neck pillows. We’ve rounded up the best neck pillows from MLVOC, Phixnozar, Dot&Dot, Zamat, TallGo, and Sunany to help you sleep better during your flight.

At A Glance:

  • Best overall: MLVOC Travel Pillow
  • Best memory foam: Phixnozar Travel Pillow
  • Best versatile: Dot&Dot Bendable Memory Foam Travel Pillow
  • Best compact: TallGo Travel Pillow
  • Best budget: Zamat Neck Pillow for Travel
  • Best inflatable: Sunany Inflatable Neck Pillow

Best overall: MLVOC Travel Pillow

The Mlvoc Travel Pillow is the best choice overall. This is a U-shaped memory foam pillow that includes raised points around the rim to support your neck in different places. This pillow is made from 100% pure memory foam to provide maximum comfort for travelers, includes a cover to keep it clean while not in use, is machine washable, and comes with an airplane travel kit. The travel kit includes extras like a 3D-contoured eye mask, earplugs, and a gray luxury bag. The key difference here is Mlvoc’s ergonomic design, which is curved specifically to make your face feel more comfortable by intentionally not covering any part of your face.

Best memory foam: Phixnozar Travel Pillow

If you want an ultra-soft memory foam that is comfortable no matter what position you sleep, the Phixnozar Travel Pillow is a must-have. The cover of this neck pillow is sweat-resistant and soft so you never have to feel uncomfortable. It is also machine washable so that it smells fresh and brand new. With its adjustable magnetic rope lock, it can fit your neck area with ease. Aside from being an ideal travel pillow, it can also serve as a desk pillow which you can use when you turn it upside down.

Best versatile: Dot&Dot Bendable Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Dot&Dot’s Bendable Memory Foam Travel Pillow is more than just a neck pillow. You can twist and contour the pillow to any position which gives you the utmost comfort and personalized support. The pillow can be used to support your neck, head, back, and shoulders. It also provides relaxation through its memory foam cushion. It is also easy to carry with its snap closure so that you can take it anywhere you go. You don’t have to worry about sleeping comfortably during long and exhausting travels with this versatile pillow.

Best compact: TallGo Travel Pillow

TallGo’s Travel Pillow is the perfect item for travelers who want a compact neck pillow. The pillow is simple to compress to fit the storage bag that it comes with. It also has breathable memory foam that supports both your head and neck with great comfort. The adjustable rope of the travel pillow makes it ideal for any kind of body size and age, whether you’re an adult or child, this pillow will still fit. Whether you’re in for a long flight or road trip, this neck pillow is a great addition to your carryon.

Best budget: Zamat Neck Pillow for Travel

The Zamat neck pillow is the best choice for travelers on a budget. It’s an adjustable memory foam travel pillow that provides stable neck support. It has a soft velour cover and comes with a portable drawstring bag. The velour cover is removable and machine washable, helping you to keep your pillow clean between trips. The 100% memory foam core is highly responsive and doesn’t deform under your neck while resting. The pillow is easy to store and carry — the perfect solution for the traveler on a budget.

Best inflatable: Sunany Inflatable Neck Pillow

The Sunany Inflatable Neck Pillow is the best inflatable option — this pillow provides support for your whole upper body, providing airplane travelers with the option to lean forward and sleep without straining their neck. It’s great for more than just an airplane — you can use this pillow in the car, on a bus, on a train, or in the office. It also comes with additional sleeping aids. With the Sunany, travelers also get a mask and earplugs to help them sleep. The inflated pillow has holes in the side and front for ventilation, and to provide you with a comfortable place to rest your hands.

The most important thing to consider when purchasing a travel pillow is how much support you’ll need for your neck when sleeping. All of these options provide various levels of support while serving three alternative needs — comfort, budget, and versatility. Neck pillows are a game-changer when it comes to airplane travel, and can mean the difference between waking up with a crick in your neck, or waking up refreshed, well-rested, and ready to take on whatever your trip will bring you.

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