The best sponge holders for your kitchen sink or bathroom

Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria, but they’re also one of the most effective and commonly used dish and body washing tools. So how do you keep your sponges, sinks, and counters as hygienic as possible without having to buy a whole bunch of new sponges? The best way to combat bacterial growth is to ensure that your sponges are able to dry. Sponge holders are ideal because they allow water to drain quickly, so sponges dry faster than they would sitting on the counter next to the sink.

We’ve picked out some of our favorite sponge holders to keep your sink areas organized and your sponges clean. With our selection of sponge holders, you won’t worry that your sponge is gathering microbes and other nasty stuff.

simplehuman Sink Caddy

Best overall

Simple Human’s sink caddy uses a suction cup design to allow sponges to drain freely away from water. It won’t sit at the bottom of your sink or take up space on the counter. It has a cup for your brush tool and a brushed, rust-resistant metal design. Simple Human guarantees its sink caddy with a five-year warranty.

iDesign Kitchen Sink Suction Holder

Best budget

iDesign’s kitchen sink caddy also uses a simple suction design on a plastic body to hold one or two sponges. It has ample drainage holes in the bottom to allow water to drain while keeping your sponge as dry as possible. It’s affordable and makes it easy to see when the bottom of the caddy is getting grimy.

Mud Pie Sponge Holder Caddy

Best looking

Once your sponge is dry, you can place it in a more attractive dish like this one to keep it out of the way. It features a white ceramic cup with a cutout slit to grab your sponge. With “sponge” on the front, there will never be a question about where your sponge goes. It may be just for looks, but it’s a cute option.

Keeping your sponge out of the bottom of your sink is an awesome way to help it stay functional for longer by allowing. That simple feature can help cut down on gross smells, mold, and mildew. Your sponges can’t last forever, but you can help prolong their life by taking care of them with one of the sponge holders from our list.

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