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The best window films to secure your privacy

Prevent peeping toms or turn the heads of visitors with this list of the three best window films to buy.

Window films come in a variety of forms for different utilities and range from bold, creative designs to more subdued, understated finishes. This list provides three of our choices based on your different needs.

rabbitgoo Window Privacy Film

Best Window Film Overall

This static cling, non-adhesive glass sticker offers a unique and dazzling design that refracts light, creating a brilliant display of color. The film has a striking pattern yet is also functional, blocking out UV rays and providing privacy while still letting in light.

Coavas Window Film

Best Matte Film

This matte window film offers a more subtle, subdued look that still maintains a pleasant, not overstated aesthetic. It is designed to let in soft light while blocking harmful UV rays. It is easily applied and removed.

LEMON CLOUD 3D Window Film

Most Durable Window Film

Lemon Cloud 3D has attractive designs incorporated into the film that light up in different colors when exposed to direct sunlight. The film also offers great privacy and reduces UV radiation.

Window films are an easy way to decorate, add privacy, and protect a space from UV radiation without expensive construction. They come in a variety of designs and serve slightly different purposes, largely based on the space you are looking to install them in. This list gives you three of the best options to go for based on your decorative and privacy needs.