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The best paint sprayers to brighten up your home

If the thought of painting is daunting, give electric paint spray guns a try. They’re the key to finishing the job in record time, with the look you’ve always wanted. Large paint projects are a breeze with the help from a paint sprayer that delivers speed with a professional finish.

When you have uneven surfaces, it’s tough to achieve a uniform finish in your paint jobs. But if you use one of our top-rated paint sprayers, the job becomes effortless. They make it easy to achieve even coats on all those hard-to-reach spots that would take hours of work with a brush, and probably wouldn’t look professional. Let’s take a look at the best paint sprayers for DIYers like you.

REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer

Best Paint Sprayer

Precision and smoothness are the name of the game with the REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer. With four nozzles and three spray patterns, this 5-piece kit features adjustable flow control to accommodate the needs of your surface and deliver a smooth finish every time. It works well on large walls as well as edges or corners. Its high capacity container holds 1000ml of paint, so you refill less often and finish the job sooner.

Dicfeos Paint Sprayer

Easiest Sprayer to Use

If you’re new to spray painting, the Dicfeos Paint Sprayer is right for you. Versatile for use on furniture, walls, or any other home project this powerful tool lets you tackle paint jobs with confidence. It includes four nozzles and all the accessories you need to achieve a professional look. With the different spray patterns and handy size, you’re able to spray longer with less hand fatigue and superior results.

HomeRight Super-Finish Extra-Power Paint Sprayer

Best for Multiple Colors

If you work with different materials, the HomeRight Super-Finish Extra-Power Paint Sprayer makes it easy to color-code your parts. It features three brass spray tips in multiple colors ensure you use the right accessory for each step of the project. They offer superior performance and precision plastic parts cannot deliver. With the adjustable air cap and large capacity container, you can complete all your DIY projects with a professional-level finish.

If you’re still using a roller for your home paint jobs, it’s time for an upgrade. With the best paint sprayers from our list, you achieve a smooth look with less time and effort. They’re the best kept secret of professionals and renovation experts. Once you make the switch, you’ll never want to pick up a paintbrush again.