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The best tool belts for even balance while working

Whether you’re a professional handyman or a do-it-yourself tinkerer, you’ll know that lugging around a clunky toolbox or a few loose tools with you while you work is no fun. Having a tool belt can make your life a whole lot easier. Tool belts are a helpful accessory especially if you want to keep your tools on hand and easily within reach for use at all times. If your job or project entails any sort of climbing, you’ll also be able to climb more safely since both your hands are free, giving you better balance and the ability to get work done more conveniently.

Tool belts are truly an indispensable item for workers whose job involves carrying a lot of stuff, so it’s important to pick one that’s perfectly suited for the job. There are a lot of options on the market, often differentiated by the durability of the material used, size adjustability, and the number of pockets or compartments. Some can be utilized for different jobs, while others are specifically made for electrician or carpenters’ tools. Regardless of what type you’ll be needing, make sure it’s tough enough to survive the rigors of your work and is evenly balanced to avoid back strain or other injuries. We’ve taken all these elements into account and compiled here our favorite tool belts to help you decide.

At a glance

  • Most compact: CLC Custom Suede Tool Bag
  • Most versatile: ToughBuilt Tool Belt Set
  • Best apron style: Dickies Work Gear 5-Pocket Apron Belt
  • Best magnetic pouch: MagnoGrip 10-Pocket Tool Pouch with Belt
  • Best with suspenders: Bucket Boss AirLift Tool Belt
  • Best heavy-duty: Gatorback B145 Triple Combo Work Belt
  • Best compartments: Husky 17-Pocket Framer’s Tool Belt

Most compact: CLC Custom Suede Tool Bag

Made with heavy-duty suede leather, the CLC Custom LeatherCraft IP489X Suede Tool Bag offers extreme durability with plenty of space. Equipped with a 2-inch poly web tool belt with a quick release buckle, the bag features two main nail and tool pockets. In addition, there’s a smaller side pocket for items such as pliers, pencils, and nail sets. A leather side loop works great for a hammer or combination square holder and includes a clip for a tape measure.

Most versatile: ToughBuilt Tool Belt Set

Those seeking versatility will find it in the Toughbuilt 3-piece Tool Belt Set. Combining three pieces, this belt includes two pouches for a total of ten pockets and features a modular hammer loop and holder holster. Two patented Clip Tech Hubs are included, and the padded design of all three pieces ensures comfort. This whole set is especially perfect for carpenters, electricians, contractors, and plumbers.

Best apron style: Dickies Work Gear 5-Pocket Apron Belt

Featuring an adjustable length, the Dickies Work Gear 57026 Grey/Tan 5-Pocket Single Side Apron provides a custom fit at an affordable price. Accommodating waist sizes from 32 to 52, it offers a convenient 5-pocket tool pouch and is constructed of heavy-duty canvas with webbing-reinforced pockets. The two large main pockets are complemented by smaller pockets and tool loops, allowing for easy access to screwdrivers, pliers, and other small tools. The webbing belt features a high-impact plastic buckle.

Best magnetic pouch: MagnoGrip 10-Pocket Tool Pouch with Belt

This magnetic pouch with belt from MagnoGrip is sure to satisfy the requirements of DIY craftsmen and professional handymen alike. This model is crafted from durable ballistic polyester ingrained with exterior magnets strategically placed around the pouch, providing smart prevention against losing your bolts, screws, fasteners, parts, and other tools when you need them the most. The bag has a total of 10 pockets for superior organization and storage plus a simple belt clip that makes putting the pouch on and off quick and easy.

Best with suspenders: Bucket Boss AirLift Tool Belt

Constructed from a 600 denier poly ripstop, the Bucket Boss AirLift Tool Belt is a great pick for serious DIY projects. This model boasts barrel-bottom pouches that can carry multiple types of tools and can be detached or repositioned on the belt. There are also holders in place specifically built for steel hammers and other long-handheld tools. Completing this set is an infinity belt that can be adjusted to a 52-inch waist through thick steel grommets, plus an adjustable suspender system with a chest retaining strap that you can fully detach or snap on for additional support.

Best heavy-duty: Gatorback B145 Triple Combo Work Belt

The B145 Triple Combo Work Belt from Gatorback is the ideal companion for tough projects. This model is made from heavy-duty 1250 DuraTek nylon, making it rugged, durable, and tough yet light enough that will not weigh you down. It features three pouches, each with easy-access pockets specifically designed to hold tools for carpenters and framers. All pouches are built with an interior plastic lining to provide them a box shape that doesn’t sag, preventing tools from poking holes through the bottom. Additionally, this tool belt has a patented air channel design and foam belt backing that ensure a cool, comfortable, breathable, and sweat-free wear.

Best compartments: Husky 17-Pocket Framer’s Tool Belt

This tool belt with suspender from Husky has three pouches and a total of 17 pockets, making it an all-in-one, easy-access solution if you’re on the go around a job site. Each pocket is made to accommodate specific tools: There are compartments for long tools, screws, fasteners, nails, tape measure, hammers, and more. What’s more, it has a built-in suspender system that you can adjust depending on your body size, padded shoulder straps for comfort, a chest retaining strap for additional support, and an elastic cell phone holder for extra convenience.

Tool belts are the unsung heroes of home improvement. They serve as extra hands that carry your most important tools anywhere you need to with ease. Combining rugged durability with compact and efficient design, these handy accessories can be the difference between a project that goes according to plan and one that gets out of hand.

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