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The best shelf brackets to decorate your wall

Building your own wall shelves may seem like a tricky task, but all you really need are appropriately sized boards and shelf brackets. Brackets typically come in triangular and L shapes, although they vary in styles and designs. When screwed securely, they provide sufficient support for the shelf and any objects it holds, such as books, plants, and decor.

Choosing the best shelf brackets all boils down to your wall storage space preferences. Consider the size of the board that you want to use as a shelf and what types of items you will place on it. Next, pick a design that matches the space it will be installed in. And most importantly, these brackets must be durable enough to stay on your wall and hold up everything you need. If you’re building shelves in your garage for your power tools, you may need larger brackets that are sturdier and more rugged than the ones you used for your sunglasses or book collection in the bedroom. We’ve compiled here our top picks to help you find the perfect options for your home.

At A Glance:

  • Best heavy duty: MHMYDZ Black Steel “L” Corner Brace
  • Best classic design: A29 Iron Shelf Brackets
  • Best brushed nickel: Alise J5207-4P Stainless Steel Shelf Brackets
  • Best industrial design: DIY ZONE L Pipe Shelf Brackets
  • Most versatile: My Rustic Floating Shelf Brackets
  • Best space saver: Storystore Folding Shelf Brackets
  • Most flexible installation: FOYO Angle Shelf Brackets
  • Best ornate: WINOMO Floral Shelf Brackets

Best heavy duty: MHMYDZ Steel “L” Corner Brace

If you’re looking to store heavy items on a shelf, the MHMYDZ 4 Pcs Black Steel “L” Corner Brace Joint Angle Bracket Shelf is the best option. Two brackets can hold up to 35 pounds. The package includes four brackets, eight long screws, 16 short screws, and eight expansion pipes.

Best classic design: A29 Iron Shelf Brackets

Clean and classic living rooms might benefit from A29’s set of four 9 ⅞ by 7 ⅜ inches iron shelf brackets with black powder coat finish. These versatile brackets can hold up to 8- or 10-inch deep shelves. Their powder-coated finish resists rust and wear, keeping your brackets looking new.

Best brushed nickel: Alise J5207-4P Stainless Steel Shelf Brackets

For an industrial and modern look, consider the Alise J5207-4P Stainless Steel Shelf Brackets. The pack comes with 24 screws and two pairs of brackets in a brushed nickel finish. The stainless-steel construction ensures that these brackets last a lifetime and secure your shelves properly.

Best industrial design: DIY ZONE L Pipe Shelf Brackets

Incorporate a rugged industrial look and feel into your decor with these L-shaped pipe brackets from DIY Zone. Each one is built with real forged industrial-quality iron to ensure durability and stability. This pack of six brackets comes with the tools you need — including flanges, screws, wall plugs, and plug connectors — along with instructions for convenient installation,

Most versatile: My Rustic Floating Shelf Brackets

Add style and function to your wall space with these pipe shelf brackets from My Rustic. Each bracket in this set is built from malleable iron that has a maximum weight capacity of 65 pounds. They are also finished with an anti-rust black epoxy coating that mimics an old paint style, giving them a unique traditional vibe and a clean and smooth non-oily look. Pair them with boards to hold decor, books, tools, or bathroom essentials, or use them as standalone pieces to hang scarves, bags, clothes, and more.

Best space saver: Storystore Folding Shelf Brackets

If there’s one thing we love about these Storystore shelf brackets, it’s got to be their space-saving foldable feature. You can easily click and extend them to hold shelves when needed or fold them back down through the release lever when not in use. Each piece is crafted from premium-grade steel finished with baked black paint, ensuring durability and long-lasting good looks. This set is versatile enough to be used on a wide range of applications, including small workstation tables, garages, kitchens, trailers, motorhomes, balconies, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Most flexible installation: FOYO Angle Shelf Brackets

These angled shelf brackets from Foyo can be installed in multiple ways for desired decoration and optimal shelf placement. You can screw them upwards, upside-down, and into tight corners. Using them upwards style turns them into bookends that can protect stuff like books and decor from falling down, while upside-down configuration delivers a clean, minimal look. These heavy-duty pieces serve a variety of purposes, including kitchen storage, garden shelving, garage accessory stand, and decor holder. They are also great for indoor and outdoor use, thanks to their solid iron construction.

Best ornate: WINOMO Floral Shelf Brackets

Pair your shelf boards with these Winomo floral brackets for a decorative touch. Simple yet elegant, they will surely blend well with your bedroom, living room, kitchen, or any part of the house. Each piece is constructed from durable iron material that ensures firm, sturdy, and stable support. This set comes complete with screws so you can install them right away.

Shelf brackets add extra storage space for even the smallest rooms. Perfect for small apartments or shared offices, they secure shelves and showcase personality. Maybe you prefer a loud metallic finish or something more subtle. Or maybe you’re looking for a traditional L shape or a more ornate-looking option. There’s a lot to choose from, and hopefully, our list is of great use in helping you find the best pieces for your space.

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