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What you need to know about when to gift subscription boxes

Subscription boxes are a great way to treat someone special to a gift that lasts for months. You may already know that popular subscription boxes contain an assortment of products that usually share a common theme, such as a kids box or a tech box. The boxes are automatically delivered periodically (some are monthly, some are bi-monthly, etc.) for the subscription’s length. Well, that is what is supposed to happen. But what if problems arise with the subscription box and your gift turns into a chore? What if you send someone a food subscription box only to find out that they are on vacation and your gift of food has been baking on their front porch for a week? Some planning goes into when to gift subscription boxes, and we’re here to help with that.

Why subscription gift boxes fail

Subscription boxes can be a great gift, but sometimes they aren’t. With so many different subscription boxes out there, it can be hard to weed through the ones that aren’t worth it and find a good one. If you are giving the box as a gift, you want that gift to bring the recipient joy, not anguish. These are some reasons why they fail.

Bad packaging

Let’s face it — most of the joy of receiving a subscription box is in the unboxing experience. Yes, what is inside the box counts, but most of the excitement is the stylish, custom box that arrives just for you. It’s like your birthday every time. Whether you realize it or not, the packaging plays a huge role in this. Companies that use plain boxes wrap their products in boring packaging or don’t include a personal thank you note, missing the opportunity to provide a custom event. There is no reason for customers to stick with companies like that because their competitors do the things that make customers feel special.

Pricing models

Having box options that vary in price and contents can appeal to a wider array of customers and generate more business. As customers, people like choice, but too much choice can be overwhelming. There is a fine line, and balancing on this tightrope is crucial to keeping people subscribed. Some customers look for value, while others want exclusive or high-end items. Knowing the audience is imperative, but things like extra items or unique products are great for pulling in customers who will keep coming back. Look for boxes with options — lots of them.

Delivery issues

If you’re sending someone a subscription box as a gift, the packages must arrive at the correct location. If the recipient moves, you could be creating an unwanted address-forwarding ordeal. If the box comes while the recipient is gone, the package could get stolen, or the item inside could become damaged from sitting in the weather for too long. It’s also possible that the person you’re sending a gift to lives in an area with unreliable delivery like a rural area or large apartment complex. Again, time-sensitive boxes can incur damage if the parcel is stuck on a truck for too long. And there is nothing worse than thinking your package has been delivered when it hasn’t, which is a sure way to ruin a surprise.

The upside

Obviously, there are pluses to giving subscription boxes as a gift. One is that they are wildly popular. If you have a friend or family member who loves getting mail, this is a perfect gift for them! Maybe you have a family member who doesn’t get many visitors, and receiving a package monthly will make their day. It’s also possible that you need a gift for someone who seems to have everything. Subscription boxes can be the answer to your gifting problems with people who are hard to buy for. Lastly, and most importantly, subscription boxes are fun! The excitement of a mystery box waiting for you at home is enough to keep people wanting more each month.

Subscription boxes can be fun to give and receive. There are so many different subscription box services out there that it can be tricky to find the right one. Hopefully, some of the homework we’ve done will help you decide when and if to give a subscription box as a gift.

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