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9 tips for organizing your messy bedroom

You may not spend a ton of time in your bedroom, but it is essential that it stays organized. If you are guilty of throwing things in your bedroom, closing the door, and worrying about it later, you’re not the only one. However, this problem can cause unnecessary stress and an overwhelming feeling when you enter your room, and that is the opposite of what you want. Ideally, your bedroom should feel calm and serene, so when it is time to unwind for the day, your surroundings match your mood. If you have trouble learning how to organize your bedroom, keep reading. We have bedroom organization tips and organizers for bedrooms that will have you breathing a sigh of relief in no time.

Where to start

1. Get rid of clutter

The first step in organizing your bedroom is to really think about the functions of the room. As stated above, your bedroom is not just a place for your stuff. It is the place you sleep as well, and it is vital that it is set up to do so. For example, if your dresser and nightstands tend to be the place that keys, wallets, jewelry, and other random items land, consider adding a few bowls for keys or trays for jewelry so the items have a place to go and aren’t just scattered about.

Once you figure out what functions of your bedroom need to stay in your bedroom, you can begin the organization process. This doesn’t mean just buying a bunch of containers and calling it done. Sometimes, storage containers just create more clutter. Begin by making piles of what should stay in your room, what should go somewhere else, and what should be thrown away.

2. Relocate stuff

If you have a place where items, such as keys, would be better suited, like on a table in the entryway of your house, try it out. If the new home for these items ends up working out, you have eliminated a whole function of your dresser or tables in your bedroom and, thus, eliminated some clutter. By decreasing clutter in your home, your mind will automatically be less overwhelmed when you enter your room to sleep, and you will likely sleep better.

3. Purge unwanted and unused items

Once you’ve decided what should stay in your room, it is time to find it a home. As a general rule of thumb, the more you use an item, the easier it should be to get to. Now is also the time to purge items and clothes that are either broken, too old, or you haven’t worn in more than a year. Any things you want to get rid of that are in decent shape can be donated. Throw all of the other stuff in the trash. It will feel good later, trust us.

Storage solutions

woman organizing bedroom closet

4. Keep frequently-worn clothes within reach

Once you have completed the steps above, it is time to consider storage solutions. Clothes that you wear all of the time, like your favorite sweater and jeans, should be organized and easy to get to. Consider dedicating specific drawers to your dresser or hangers in your closet for these most-used items. If you keep shoes in your bedroom, consider a shoe rack that will fit inside of a closet or that you can tuck away in a corner. Eliminating shoes that are scattered about can make a world of difference and is a relatively simple fix.

5. Store out-of-season clothes and shoes

If you have room under your bed, it is an excellent place for storage of out-of-season clothing. There are tons of organizers for under the bed on the market, and they make staying tidy very simple. Keep sweaters, hoodies, scarves, and coats in storage containers under the bed in the warm months and swap them out for shorts and tank tops in the cold months. You can do the same with shoes that are seasonal after you prep them for storage. 

6. Use containers

Storage bins can make a cluttered area more organized if you do it properly. If you have closet space, stacking storage bins will give the closet a cleaner look. Use clear storage bins so you can see what is inside without having to open them all. Again, don’t forget to utilize the space under the bed. Storage bins that fit under the bed are a huge space saver. You can also get a trunk or large storage bin to place at the foot of your bed and fill with clothes or shoes. The trunk or bin can double as a seat for getting dressed as well.

7. Install shelves

If you have the room, shelves are a great way to organize a messy bedroom. You can install shelves high on the walls around the room’s perimeter to create storage space overhead. If you have space over your bed or headboard, hanging a few shelves there is a perfect place for books, candles, picture frames, and more. Floating shelves are decorative and add storage space, and corner shelf units save space while providing extra places to put things. Whatever shelves you decide to go with, make sure to keep them uncluttered and dusted. If you just pile tons of stuff on the shelves, it will add more mess to your room.

Final touches

8. Use hooks

Hooks add an organizational element to your bedroom without taking up more space. Hang hooks on walls and the back of doors to create places to hang scarves, belts, hoodies, robes, and more. Hooks are a great place to quickly store clothes that you wear all the time or items you don’t use often. Hooks are an excellent place for ties and purses as well.

9. Make your bed

It may not seem that important, but a made bed puts the finishing touch on a freshly organized room. If you do all of the hard work of organizing your room and don’t make the bed, it will feel unfinished. Learn how to properly wash your bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases, and other items that make up your bedding. Spray a fabric refresher on your mattress. These final steps will round out your room cleaning, and you will indeed feel a new sense of serenity when you set foot in there.

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