The best woks to make the perfect Asian dishes

Once you add a wok pan into your cooking arsenal, it will quickly become one of your favorite tools. We love to use them to create new recipes with leftovers of other plates and rice. They are amazing for sautéing vegetables and the only way to achieve perfection when making chow mein or other fried noodle recipes.

Asian woks are a traditional cooking utensil that have been around for centuries and that have been updated with the latest heating technology to offer a unique cooking experience. The way these pans distribute heat allows your food to cook evenly, helps flavor concentrate, and allows moisture to evaporate to get the perfect consistency.

T-fal Ultimate Nonstick Wok

Best Value for Woks

Get the best of both worlds with the T-fal Ultimate Nonstick Wok, a 14-inch pan that combines hard anodized nonstick surface and the classic form factor of traditional woks. It has amazing features like an indicator ring that turns red when hot and ready to use. The riveted silicone handle is comfortable when handling and pouring.

Craft Wok Traditional Wok

Most Durable Wok

For a traditional experience, the Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Wok offers durable construction and the reliable performance of a hand-hammered steel pan created to distribute heat effectively and cook food thoroughly. This is a favorite of many Chinese food master chefs all around the world.

Lodge Pro-Logic Wok

Best Heat Distribution

The Lodge Pro-Logic Wok is a pre-seasoned flat base option with large handles that offers the best heat distribution. A great option for induction cooktop kitchens that lack the support that traditional woks need. It also works great in the oven, stove, and even the grill.

Take your cooking to the next level and start creating all the Asian-cuisine-inspired dishes you love. From amazing orange chicken to fried rice, the collection of woks we put together offers the best quality and the longest cooking life available. Find your perfect match with our suggestions.