The best potato mashers for some mean mashed potatoes

Integrating a food masher into your cooking routine will allow you to see old ingredients in a new way. You can turn any veggie into an appealing meal in seconds. And if you have toddlers or small children, it is easy to prepare homemade meals with everything they need to grow strong and healthy.

One thing we love about our selection is the versatility. You can go beyond potatoes and open a whole new world of culinary possibilities. You can use any of our suggestions as an avocado masher. Create the smoothest guacamole or incredible avocado toasts that will rival any hipster joint in town.

Joyoldelf Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Potato Masher

Easiest Masher to Clean

The Joyoldelf Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Potato Masher is one of our favorite models. Its design focus on comfort and ease of cleaning. The rubber grip has an excellent feeling to it and the heavy-duty stainless-steel plate mashes all types of vegetables.

KitchenAid Gourmet Stainless-Steel Wire Masher

Most Durable Masher

If you are looking for a tool that will last, the KitchenAid Gourmet Stainless-Steel Wire Masheris your top choice. The amazing construction and quality materials will assure that you’ll be making mashed potatoes with the same smasher for years. This model is dishwasher safe and has an ergonomic handle.

Farberware Professional Meat/Potato Masher

Best Value for Masher

Get excellent performance at a budget price with the Farberware Professional Masher, 2-in-1 kitchenware that smashes and mixes at the same time. Its turbine design has five angled blades to cut and chop both cooked meat and vegetables. It also scrapes the food on the sides of bowls and pots to integrate it to the mash continuously.

Show why you are considered the best cook in the family and master the art of cooking the perfect mashed potato. Create your masterpiece and experiments with new vegetables and ingredients with our suggestions. We are confident that having the right tools with motivate you to continue cooking healthy whole food options on a regular basis.