The best electric kettles for a convenient cup of tea

You love using your stovetop kettle for drinks and food, but want to cut down on energy use. With an electric kettle, you’ll be saving on energy and cutting down on heating time. To help you find the best model considering heat output, style, and size, we’ve identified the leading brands here.

An electric tea kettle is a modern water heater you plug into an outlet for quick-boiling water whether it’s for making coffee, warming up sauce packets, or cooking instant oatmeal. Stainless steel or plastic are popular choices, but glass electric kettles may be less inconspicuous on your counter than the former two.

Electric water kettles hold anywhere between one to two liters, though there are large capacity models that hold up to five. In terms of heat output and power, the average electric kettle runs on 1500 watts, making them powerful and speedy. Take a look at these kettles to see which works for you.

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Electric Kettle

Best Electric Kettle

The AmazonBasics 1-liter kettle is a stainless steel model that runs on 1500 watts with a 30-inch long power cord. To use, flip the switch below the handle and the kettle will automatically shut off when your water is ready. Fill up the kettle precisely and keep an eye on the water through the conveniently marked water window. Remove the kettle from its base when you’re ready to pour without the hassle of a tangled cord.

Miroco Electric Kettle

Best Heat Output

Miroco’s 304 stainless steel kettle offers the best heat output, allowing you to boil up to 1.5 liters in as little as six minutes. Its double wall design shields the kettle from superficial damage and protects you and your family from any accidental burns. Its plastic handle does not contain any BPA and makes no contact with your water.

Mueller Premium Electric Kettle

Best Looking Kettle

With a borosilicate glass body capped with 304 stainless steel and copolyester, the Mueller kettle is the best looking one on our list. An LED ring on the coil lets you know when the water is heating, though an automatic shut-off after 30 seconds past boiling time keeps you safe if you forget about the kettle. The heat-resistant, non-slip handle keeps your hand away from the hot glass and offers a solid grip.

An electric tea kettle makes coffee-, tea-, and snack time a breeze. Heat up enough water for everyone in the house and still have some leftover for a bowl of oatmeal with any of the kettles on our list. Thanks to its portable design, quick-heating time, and food-safe materials, an electric water kettle just makes sense as a fundamental kitchen appliance.