The best copper cleaners to keep your metals looking new

Remove blemishes, stains, rust, and scratches from your family heirlooms and embrace the modern barn decor by restoring the many amazing finds waiting for you in the thrift stores. Just pick the right copper cleaner from our suggestions and you will reveal that lost shine again.

Using a cleaner for copper sinks is the best way to keep them looking their best. With a little bit of love and polished finished, you can then enjoy a unique amber glow that makes copper such a special and sought-after metal for decoration. Check this list with our carefully curated options for the best deep cleaning possible.

Wright's Copper and Brass Polish and Cleaner Cream

Best Copper Cleaner

Erase discoloration and restore the natural shine of your copper items with the Wright’s Copper and Brass Polish and Cleaner Cream. This pack of two 8-ounce tubs delivers the long-lasting shine you’re looking for with a protective coating that prevents future tarnish. Its mild formula is safe to use on cups, pans, sinks, doorknobs, and even jewelry with diamonds.

Brasso Multi-Purpose Metal Polish

Best Value Copper Cleaner

You can trust Brasso’s Multi-Purpose Metal Polish to safely cleanse and bring out the shine in your copper items. This functional formula also works on a variety of metals to help you get the most of your purchase. Use it to clean copper, brass, stainless steel, pewter, and more. Its long-lasting power gives your metals a noticeably clean shine that stands out.

Tarn-X Tarnish Remover

Best Multipurpose Cleaner

To remove tarnish without scrubbing, you need the industrial strength of Tarn-X Tarnish Remover. This powerful wipe-and-rise formula is safe to use on a variety of metals and diamonds. This versatile cleanser returns your valuables to their original shine with the most effortless application. Use it on copper, platinum, silver, or gold to bring your pieces back to life and show off their beauty.

Keep your dinnerware looking pristine with a bit of cleaning and buffing. It will pay off when you admire that sparkly reflective shine after polishing. Just use one of our curated options for the best copper cleaning products and you will be done in no time.