The best bidets for personal care

Installing an attachable bidet in your bathroom can also bring some health benefits with it. If anyone suffers from irritable bowel syndrome or hemorrhoids, a bidet attachment can bring relief and thorough cleaning. This is a basic tool to prevent the pain and irritation that constant toilet paper use can cause.

A bidet is a simple bathroom fixture with a water stream built-in for post-toilet cleaning. In most cases, it is separate from the toilet, but recently, we’ve seen attachable toilet bidets than save you the hassle of remodeling your whole bathroom. These eco-conscious fixtures are a great way to save water, trees, and time. Find a suitable option for your home with our carefully-selected suggestions.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120

Easiest Bidet to Install

The Luxe Bidet Neo 120 is a mechanical bidet attachment that features a luxurious design at an impressive price. It is super easy to install and includes everything you need to get your bidet seat up and running. The high-pressure faucet and hygienic nozzle guard gate are premium features that make this model one of our favorites.

Bio Bidet SlimEdge Simple Bidet Attachment

Easiest Bidet to Use

For those looking for ease of use, the Bio Bidet SlimEdge Bidet Attachment offers simple operation and a sleek design. The sturdy construction makes this model robust and durable. It includes a dual-nozzle spray option for a gentle feminine cleanse or a robust backside rinsing. This option requires a very simple installation and comes with a top-quality brass adapter.

Greenco Bidet

Easiest Bidet to Clean

Enjoy your toilet time more with the Greenco Bidet, a luxury model that is super easy to clean and features an easy-access control dial. You can also adjust the nozzle output to get the perfect amount of water pressure. Once you are done using it, the nozzle retracts for extra protection. The easy do-it-yourself (DIY) installation is quick and requires no extra tools or materials.

Bring a touch of therapeutic refreshment to your bathroom with this curated selection of the best attachable toilet bidet options available. Not only will you be helping to save trees, but you will also be doing your hygiene routine a favor. Feel clean and refreshed every time with these recommendations.