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This Star Wars Day, stream these 4 shows on Disney+

Streaming services are making it even easier for us to enjoy not only our favorite movies and shows but content we may have never heard of before. How many Star Wars episodic series did you know existed? Have you watched them all? Instead of spending this Star Wars Day binging some of your favorites (though if that’s what makes you happiest, by all means, go for it!), check out our favorite Star Wars TV shows on Disney+.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Whether you’re a parent or you just love animated shows, there are options on Disney+ for you to kick off your Star Wars Day. Especially if you have kids, shows like Star Wars: The Clone Wars will let them enjoy the party roo! This show has seven seasons, so it’s unlikely you’ll get through all of it (even if you spent the whole day binging it), but it expands on the Star Wars magic with new adventures, lots of action, and film-quality animation!

Star Wars: The Clone Wars follows Anakin Skywalker and his apprentice throughout the wars and conflicts that would later create the Empire. Viewers get the chance to explore new planets and galaxies, and are treated to incredible voice acting and laugh-out-loud witty banter.

Star Wars Rebels

Set before the events of the first-ever Star Wars movie, Star Wars Rebels follows the crew of the starship Ghost as they travel the galaxy to help shape what would later be known as the Rebel Alliance. While this is an animated show aimed at children, we love that it’s something the whole family can easily enjoy. Plus, if you’re a Star Wars: The Clone Wars fan, you might see a familiar face or two…

The Mandalorian

After the kiddos go to bed, you can pop some popcorn and start season one of The Mandalorian! The description on Disney+ doesn’t tell a whole lot, only that this series takes place after the fall of the Galactic Empire and lawlessness has taken hold, but we think that’s half the fun! If nothing else, The Mandalorian will give you some insight into those popular Baby Yoda memes you’ve seen all over the internet. Who is that little guy? What’s his role? Will we love him as much as Yoda? You’ll just have to watch and see! This series will give the context you need to understand why everyone fell in love with him (and why he’s all over clothes and phone cases).

Disney Gallery / Star Wars: The Mandalorian

Whether you’ve already seen The Mandalorian or want to follow up your binge with behind-the-scenes content, this eight-episode documentary will bring you even further into the Star Wars universe. It gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Mandalorian, and each episode focuses on a different aspect. This documentary is chock full of interviews and footage from behind the scenes of the first live-action Star Wars series. This is the perfect mini series for those who want to know more about the making of the show, and those who love seeing learning about the magic of their favorite galaxy far, far away.

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If you still need more Star Wars…

Check out Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy. It’s not a series, so could break your theme if you’re looking to spend this Star Wars Day watching episodic shows that further expand the Star Wars universe. This two-and-a-half-hour documentary explores the creation of the trilogy, from initial scripts all the way to movie debuts. It takes you behind the scenes to experience the movies that changed your life in a whole new way, even letting you in on some of the struggles George Lucas and his team went through on their journeys from concepts to blockbuster movies.

Whether you’re an avid Star Wars fan who has never missed a release, or looking to dive into the universe for the first time, Disney+ has so many choices for you to stream this Star Wars Day. From these episodic shows to the original trilogies most of us know and love, there truly is something for everyone. Have fun, and may the 4th be with you.