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Should you install a solar-based water purifier?

Apparently there isn’t a thing you can’t power by the sun these days. Right now, many homeowners are considering installing a solar-based water purification systems as yet another way to help the planet and cut down on costs.

But what exactly is a solar-based water purification system, and is it worth it? There are things to consider, such as maintenance, long- and short-term costs, health benefits, and more and, as with most home projects that involve replacing an existing system, there are pros and cons to weigh. Keep reading to find out why installing a solar-based water purifier may be your next home improvement project!

Do you need a water purification system?

Tap water isn’t always safe to drink, regardless of if you have a well system or use the public water supply. Maybe you’ve used a water purifier like this one from LifeStraw on camping or hiking trips. But, if you’re going to install a whole-house water filtration system to remove potentially harmful contaminants from the water your household uses before it gets to your pipes, you’re going to want to find the best system for your needs. A solar-based water purification system may just be a step in the right direction for both your health and the health of the planet.

A good place to start is to have your water tested to find out what exactly you need to filter out. The results of the water test will help you find the system that is right for your water. For example, if your water is already “soft,” you don’t need a water softener in your system. If your water is safe but smells like chlorine, you will need a specific cartridge to eliminate the chemical smell and taste. After you’ve figured out what you do and don’t need, you can move on to picking out a solar-powered system that’s best suited for your home and water needs.

Installation and costs

If you’re going to pay someone to install a whole-house system for you, be sure to shop around and get the best price possible for the system you need. Any company can tell you if you have the space to install a solar-based water purification system and what it will take to maintain the system. Filters are a major cost for any water filtration system is filters. No matter what kind of design you choose, you will need to replace the filter now and then, depending on brand and usage.

If you think you can take a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to a solar-based water purification system, there are plenty of resources out there to help you with design and supplies, such as The short-term cost of your water purification system can vary drastically depending on the system’s complexity and how much of it you choose to do yourself. 

Health and environmental benefits

While your top priority should be your family’s health and wellness, there are additional environmental benefits to installing a solar-based water filter. Solar energy reduces air pollution, reduces water usage, and helps fight climate change, to name a few. Additionally, using filters is cheaper than buying bottled water and way more eco-friendly in terms of plastic waste. It takes hundreds of years for a plastic bottle to degrade naturally in the environment.

Whether you are comfortable researching and installing a system yourself or plan on hiring professionals to do it, installing a solar-based water purification system will help both the environment and your health. The cost may be a bit upfront, but in the long run, you will save money. Saving money, benefiting your family’s health, and helping the environment — sounds like you have every reason to install a solar-powered water filtration system!

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