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How a solar-powered water purifier can work for you

Water is essential for life of any kind to exist. Our bodies consist of up to 75% water, and we’re continually being reminded to drink more water, conserve water, and prevent water pollution. Water helps all of our primary biological systems function, from moisturizing our lungs to regulating body temperature. Since water is so essential, it’s no wonder people have been continually finding ways to maintain healthy drinking water sources since the beginning of time.

Most of us take water for granted since all we have to do is turn on a tap or push a button on our fridge. Since everyone now knows that plastic water bottles are bad for the planet, many people have switched to reusable water bottles to curb plastic waste. If being more eco-friendly is the name of your game, solar-powered water filters and solar water purifiers for your home are do-it-yourself (DIY) projects that are perfect for the earth-loving DIYer.

How do solar-powered purifiers work?

Solar water purifiers work by utilizing the sun’s energy to change contaminated water into freshwater — freshwater that is safe to drink. There are all kinds of solar-powered water purifiers on the market, ranging from small filters that fit small containers for campers and hikers to large, commercial-style systems that provide whole villages with clean water. What all solar-powered water purifiers have in common is that they collect water in a covered bin, and as the sunlight raises the temperature of the water, the water is vaporized and leaves the contaminants behind. The water condenses, and the drops collect into a channel that flows into the clean water bin.

How solar-powered water can work for you

When it comes to solar-powered water filtration systems for your home, you could pay a company to install an entire system in your house for thousands of dollars. Or, you could buy a water-purifier like this one from LifeStraw and DIY a system to get the water into your house. If you’re going to use the water for drinking water, the task shouldn’t be too difficult since you won’t have to worry about heating it up. If you plan on using your solar-purified water for showers, you’re going to have to figure out how you want to heat the water for that, such as running a line to your hot water tank. There are also smaller systems available if you want to start small with the solar-filtered water project.

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Other options

If you’re not into trying to rig an entire system for your whole house to run on, you can start with a few water bottle tops that solar-purify water. If you set a few out, you’ll have full water bottles at the ready when you need them. Put them outside on nice days and in a window when it’s sunny but not so nice outside.

On the other hand, if you’re an over-achiever and want to learn how to build a solar-powered water purification system, you can get the project done with some sheet metal, black paint, and a catch container. You can learn more about crafting your own solar-powered water system from the ground up with a little research, a few power tools, and some hands-on work.

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