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Line your front walk with these beautiful solar-powered lights

You may wish to install lighting around the exterior of your home, including your front walk. Other areas might include places like stairways, along other paths, above doors, and more. However, it can sometimes be burdensome to install electrical outlets for all these fixtures. That’s especially true if they go out some distance from the house.

That’s why many people turn to solar-powered lights, which are easy to install and never have to be plugged in. Moreover, because they don’t use electricity, they can help you save a significant sum of money over time. Below, we’ll list several of the best solar outdoor lights available in various styles and for a wide range of uses.

Hampton Bay 2-Light Black Solar LED Outdoor Wall Lantern

Suppose you’re looking for solar-powered lights that happen to look like traditional outdoor sconces. In that case, you can’t go wrong with the Hampton Bay Solar LED Wall Lantern. These come in a pack of two and are super easy to install.

In terms of size, these solar wall lights are 8 by 4 inches. While not the brightest lights out there (their output is about 10 lumens), they’ll still be bright enough to light up your deck or porch. Additionally, they’re made with technology that automatically turns them on and off at night.

Ever Brite Motion-Activated Outdoor LED Area Light

A simple way to light up your lawn or pathway is motion-activated Ever Brite solar lights. These units are about 11 by 8 inches, and the bulbs are bright, white LEDs that light up whenever they detect movement.

These can be used in many other locations than just your yard. For instance, you could use them perfectly well on a shed, beside your front door, or in your garage. Another significant benefit is that you can install these solar lights on just about every surface imaginable. They include 3M adhesive, and there’s absolutely no need for any wiring or tools to set up these solar-powered lights. Moreover, they’re super affordable.

Link2Home Outdoor Solar Light Low Voltage LED Flood Light

You might want to choose intense floodlights if your purpose for purchasing solar-powered lights is to help keep your home safe at night. These lights are exceptionally bright and shoot out bright light at 350 lumens. That’s a perfect output to illuminate your yard and home. Better yet, before going back to their dim standby mode, they’ll illuminate your yard and home for up to 30 seconds.

These powerful solar lights can be mounted on your garage, home, or porch. They’ve got flat, sleek panels, and they shut themselves down automatically once dawn arrives. They operate on a full battery for up to 12 hours. Additionally, they’re weather-resistant and can be installed with screws and a power drill.

Mainstays Classic Column Solar Powered LED Path Light

Literally the most affordable solar-powered option on this list, the Mainstays Solar-Powered LED Path Light is normally mounted on stakes, which you can insert into either dirt or grass. They each have solar panels on the top, which absorb the sun’s rays during daylight hours.

Just under 13 inches tall, these solar path lights are made of all-weather, durable plastic. Additionally, they’re designed with dusk-to-dawn technology, allowing them to come on at night automatically and shut off with the dawn. They are not the brightest lights on this list, but they’re economical, and they provide enough light to see by.

If you’re looking to safely light your way home while also ensuring you’re doing your part for the environment, solar-powered LED lights are the perfect solution. They’re low- maintenance and low-waste, and offer you just one more opportunity to customize and decorate your home.

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