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We love these adorable homemade gifts for boyfriends (and so will he)

If your boyfriend has a birthday or special occasion coming up that requires a gift and you’re stressed out about it, we get it. It can be tricky to come up with gifts for the same person year after year, event after event. If your search history is filled with phrases like “sentimental gifts for boyfriend” and you’re still coming up short, maybe it’s time to change your approach. If your boyfriend is a guy who has everything, you may want to start searching for “homemade gifts for boyfriend” instead. But don’t worry, we’ve done the searching for you and have come up with some adorable and affordable semi-homemade gifts for boyfriends that you’ll both love — and no, you don’t need to bust out the paste and construction paper.

Monogrammed steak brand and carving board

If your man likes to grill meats, this is the gift for him. Though you won’t be assembling this brand and carving board yourself, you will be taking the time to customize a gift for your beau. The brand is hand-forged by a Texas cattle ranger and is a miniature version of the cattle brands used for centuries to designate ranch families and identify livestock. Simply enter your boyfriend’s initials, and your gift will be handcrafted and shipped to you in around five weeks.

Personalized guitar pick

Your man will love this personalized stainless steel guitar pick. Choose from several predetermined sayings or write your own, such as the lyrics to your relationship song or your anniversary date. Even if your boyfriend doesn’t make music with the pick, he can keep it in his pocket or wallet as a keepsake of your love.

Custom coasters

Everyone needs a place to set their beverage, and what man doesn’t like a custom coaster for his cold one? These coasters are customizable with your photos so your boyfriend is reminded of the special times you’ve had together every time he’s thirsty. There are tons of different options of styles and colors on websites like Shutterfly, so you’ll be able to find a variety that suits your boyfriend’s style.

Baking kits

For many men, the way to their heart is through their stomach, so this homemade gift idea involves food. You may make meals or desserts for your boyfriend regularly, but nothing says “I love you” like a batch of cookies or cupcakes made just for him. If you’re not great at baking or don’t have much experience, worry not — there are tons of kits out there that make baking and decorating almost foolproof. Even if your baked goods don’t come out picture-perfect, your boyfriend will still appreciate your efforts.

Regardless of what type of guy yours is, all men like to feel appreciated, and nothing says that more than a gift you’ve put some effort into. The best gifts aren’t always the most expensive gifts, which is why we hope the ideas above have inspired you to seek out alternative gift ideas for the special man in your life. Trust us — he will appreciate the time and work you put into it.

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