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How to organize your bedroom

You probably consider your bedroom as your sanctuary. It is your own private space to rest, relax, and close the door on the stresses and struggles of life. But what happens when your sanctuary becomes more of a pigsty? Perhaps you have accumulated too many belongings or you’ve run out of storage altogether. You may not have the slightest clue how to decorate and orchestrate a space on your own. Whatever the dilemma, there are some efficient tips for organizing messy bedrooms so that even the messiest of the messiest may become pristine havens once again.

Start with decluttering and purging

Woman organizing bedroom items into boxes
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First things first, you must round up everything in the room and take a good, hard look at it. This process may be time consuming, as you will want to empty your closet, drawers, and other bins and shelves, as well. Sort every item into three piles: Things to keep, things to donate, and things to throw away.

If it is an item you have not used in a long time, ask yourself if you need to continue holding on to it. Some things you may keep for sentimental reasons, and that’s OK. But the goal here is to get rid of some things to freshen up the space. Keep in mind also that any item placed in the donation pile should be in functional and clean condition. Do not donate items that are damaged or in poor taste.

Once you’ve sorted everything into three piles, it is time to purge. Throw away or recycle the items you’ve designated as garbage. Box or bag up your donations and take them to your local thrift store. Now, all you are left with are items to keep, which you can begin organizing in a decluttered room!

Sort all remaining objects into categories

Now with the items you’ve decided to keep, you are again going to organize your belongings into piles. This time, however, you will create your own categories based on the type and function of each object. For example, there will likely be a pile devoted to clothing. Another perhaps for electronics and chargers. Another still for trinkets, pictures, and decor.

Once this sorting is complete, designate an area to store each pile and move the pile to that spot. If you plan to store your electronics next to your bed, move them there. If you have no bedside table, shelf, or bin, start to jot down a list of items you may need to purchase to organize your bedroom. This may include things like additional hangers in the closet, boxes to store under the bed, and so on. The items that you can put away, do so. By the end of this step, any items without a “home” are at least in the correct area and will be stored once you procure the proper aids.

Finalize your layout and add the finishing touches

Organized closet in bedroom

You are nearing the end of the project. At this point, you have purged, decluttered, sorted, and organized everything in your bedroom space. Next, take a look at the layout of the area. Do you like where your bed sits? Is your laundry hamper in a location that makes sense? Are there things out of reach that you’d like closer?

If alterations to the layout of furniture or decor need to be made, move those items now. If the layout is just as you’d like it, you can get into the fun of decoration. Would you like to add a lamp or plant? Are there pictures or artwork you’ve been meaning to frame and hang? How about some colorful throw pillows for the bed? This final step allows you to get creative so enjoy yourself! This is your space, so there are no rules on how it should look.

You will rest much easier in a space that is clean, organized, and appealing. It is important to know how to organize your bedroom. Even if this ritual is something you conduct on an annual basis, you may be surprised how marvelous you feel after all is said and done. Go through your belongings and take a thorough inventory. Orient everything by function and size. Decorate and arrange your bedroom to reflect your preferences and personality. In a matter of hours, you can take your space from boring to beautiful.

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