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Make Mother’s Day 2021 memorable with these 5 thoughtful gifts

Let’s be real, Mother’s Day 2020 was less-than-stellar for many of us. We missed out on seeing our mom’s smiling faces on a day all about them and had to placate ourselves by seeing one another through Zoom and FaceTime. This year, however, is our chance to show up and show out with some thoughtful gifts that really express just how much we love and care for our moms and appreciate everything they’ve done for us.

However, it’s no secret that moms can be hard to buy gifts for. If you’re looking for something unique and heartfelt, but still coming up empty-handed, don’t stress! We’ve found some great gifts that will warm her heart and earn a special place in her home.

A handwritten dish

Most mom’s love sentimental gifts and gifts that turn real-life handwriting into unique keepsakes are just about as sentimental as it gets. Tons of companies out there will take a piece of script from you or your loved one and transfer it onto a beautiful keepsake. We love this platter that can be inscribed with your or your mom’s favorite recipe.

Birthstone bling

Birthstones are a unique way to show that special mom figure in your life that you love her. This handmade necklace from Etsy features birthstones on a white gold adjustable chain, and can be made to order.

Special names and dates

Nothing says that you care more than a custom gift with the names of loved ones or dates of special occasions. Lucky for you, there are tons of cool and unique gifts out there that honor memorable dates and special people. If your mom loves home decor, this customized print is a great way to honor her love for for her family. Make sure you order it pre-framed so Mom can hang it right away!

Map gifts

If your mom is well-traveled or there are locations the world over that hold special meaning to your family, a custom map gift is an amazing idea. These gifts can commemorate a memorable trip, where all of your kids live, where your siblings were born, where your parents met, every place you’ve ever traveled together –– the options are endless.

If your family is spread across the nation, give this custom pillow to Mom; the little heart on each of the states where all her kids and family members live will bring a smile to her face even on days she misses you all terribly.

Travel is something that brings families together no matter the season, and this travel log map is a fun and creative way for Mom to remember all the good times you’ve had in various locations over the years. Whether it’s a wedding, memorable camping trip, or just a remarkable day at the beach, she’ll love sticking the heart-shaped pushpins over the locations that hold such wonderful memories.

Regardless of what the mom figures in your life are into, most moms appreciate a sentimental gift and any mom will appreciate the effort you put into customizing a gift for her. Whatever you choose, we know it will be perfect –– the special part of the gift is that it comes from you, after all!

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