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Library decorating ideas to liven any room

There may be nothing in the world more cozy and comforting than a good book. If you are a particularly avid reader, you may have amassed quite a collection. The best home libraries aren’t necessarily the largest or the most ornate but are planned out with a detailed eye. Bookshelves can be tricky things, with lots of shapes, sizes, and colors to arrange. Not to worry, because there are a few easy tips you may apply to upgrade your reading nook in short order. Let’s take a look at the easiest and most impactful ways to breathe new life into your home library.

Start with shelving

Large wall with shelved books

The layout of your library shelves is of the utmost importance. They must fit the space without being overly heavy, bulky, or worst of all, empty. There are many varieties to play with. Closed shelves, floating shelves, tall and narrow, or wide and short. Built-ins are great because they are quite literally a custom size. All you may need in the case of built-ins is a new color of paint.

Make sure if you are painting your bookshelves you choose lighter colors for smaller rooms. On the other hand, if your room is quite large and allows for plenty of light, you can get away with painting the shelves a darker color. Neutrals such as whites, beiges, grays, or black are best. Wood grains can prove beautiful as well, especially rich oak and mahogany. Regular dusting will help keep things bright and feeling fresh.

How to organize your books

Many library decorating ideas revolve around the variety of your book collection and rightly so. The way you organize your books will depend on the type of shelves you have as well as the size and shape of each book. For a strong visual effect, organizing by size or color is a nice way to pull things together. However, this may cause you to break up sets, which isn’t ideal from a functional standpoint. Alphabetical order is very sensible but may result in a more cluttered appearance.

Since everyone has their own preference, you are free to choose your own method. A good place to start is to separate hardcovers from paperbacks. Don’t be afraid to stack books, either! There are no rules that say you must arrange them vertically. A sensible method that can also prove pleasing to the eye is to organize my genre or topic, and use that criteria to create shapes with each collection on its respective shelf. If during the process you find books you long longer want or read, go ahead and donate them to open up more space.

Accents and aesthetic

White room with bookshelves, chair, and lamp

Now that you have refined your shelving and arranged your books to your liking, you can allow the creative gears to start turning. Start by selecting a color palette and incorporate elements from there. Small plants, bookends, and pictures are a lovely way to liven up your library. A quirky way to refine your aesthetic is to wallpaper the back of your shelves. Then you will enjoy a pleasant pop of color or pattern between novels. Ornaments, trinkets, and baubles have no better home than a bookshelf.

The books you keep are not the only stories to be told in a home library. Express your personality through your reading nook and change it as desired. Blankets, pillows, lamps, and other accessories can be customized to really make color pop and add dimension. For a final touch, add some seating and make yourself comfortable.

Book lovers everywhere dream of a vast labyrinth-like library of their own. Even though you may never get lost in such a place, you can still get lost in your own stories by crafting the perfect home library. Start with shelving. Paint, detail, and fit them to your area. Arrange your books in a way that will prove functional for you but also appealing to the eye. Lastly, add accents, decorations, pictures, and plants to pull it all together. Throw in a nice squashy armchair and you are ready to read. Books are a link to the outside world. Enjoy bringing your own story to life through a bright, personalized book nook.

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