Six interesting ways to keep your home smelling great

Beyond interior decorating and lavish finishes, one way to spruce up your home is with a great, long-lasting scent. A pleasant smell is attractive and welcoming to everyone, hence the popularity of cologne and perfume. So, why not make your home smell just as heavenly every single day? Learn how to make your home smell fragrant, fresh, and fantastic for weeks to come with our creative tips.

Scented air diffuser on table in living room with woman

Heat up some vanilla in your oven

Heating up anything makes it more aromatic. Freshly baked cookies are more fragrant than cookie dough, and a bag of trash tends to become unpleasantly aromatic when it sits out in the sun all day. Nonetheless, this same idea can be applied to nearly everyone’s favorite smell: Vanilla.

Vanilla is one of the most beloved scents on the planet because of its sweet notes and familiarity. So, if you want your home to smell like a vanilla-scented wonderland, all you have to do is put some vanilla extract in the oven. It is as simple as heating your oven to 300° F, adding a few drops to an oven-safe dish, and letting the oven do the rest for about an hour of baking time. Your home will be smelling like a freshly baked cake and the delicious scent will last for a couple of days.

Install scented air filters

Scented air filters do exist and they are incredible. From cinnamon to floral to citrus, these air filters will pack a lasting, aromatic punch in your home. Designed to gradually disperse a delicate scent around your home over time, these air filters are a quick and easy way to resolve any unpleasant smells in your house.

These air filters work just like any other air filter. You place them in your air vent and let the air conditioning unit do the rest. The air will cycle through these scented filters and carry an enjoyable scent around the home until it is time for a replacement filter.

Tape dryer sheets to a fan

If you’re trying to quickly air out a bathroom or freshen up a room, then something as simple as dryer sheets and a fan can do the trick. For this idea, simply tape the dryer sheets to the front of the fan, turn the fan on, and enjoy a fresh scent in any space.

It is perfect for adding a quick fresh scent to your home for any last minute get-togethers. You can also use this idea to air out a bathroom that got a little stinky or a closet that hasn’t been cleaned out in a while. Either way, it is an easy fix with materials you likely already have on hand.

Spread baking soda on your carpets

It’s no surprise that the absorbency of a carpet makes it a prime suspect for holding onto unpleasant smells. Whether it be dirt, dust, food particles, or pet urine, the carpet tends to keep smells around for a long time.

To combat this smelly sponge around your home, try this simple trick with baking soda. Spread a layer of baking soda on every inch of your carpet, let it sit for 15-20 minutes, then vacuum it all up. Baking soda is used in a lot of deodorizing products like toothpaste, laundry detergent, and more, so this method will leave your carpets smelling fresh and clean for weeks.

Simmer your favorite scents on the stovetop

Bowls of lavender and metal pot on stovetop

You can create a fragrant slurry of your favorite natural scents right on your stovetop with this creative idea. All you have to do is pick out your favorite herbs, spices, and fruits, add them to some simmering water, and let the aromatics drift through the home. It is completely customizable to your scent preferences and can be created with whatever you have on hand. Some fruits, spices, and herbs to try out include:

  • Lavender
  • Mint
  • Orange
  • Lemon
  • Grapefruit
  • Star anise
  • Cinnamon

Get an essential oil diffuser

If you love essential oils but don’t have an oil diffuser, you’re missing out. This great invention turns your little bottle of natural essential oils into a fragrant mist that will make your home smell however you want. You can pick out your favorite scents and add them to the diffuser for the perfect air freshener anytime.

From scented air filters to vanilla in the oven, you can see that the options for keeping your home smelling great are far from limited. Welcoming guests to a clean-smelling house is one of the best ways to make a positive first impression. Although interior decorating is great for the eyes, these beautifully fragrant scents are great for the nose. You’ll love experimenting with these different ideas, smells, and methods to find the perfect one for your nose’s preference.

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