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Gift ideas cooking aficionados will love

As some kitchen enthusiasts around the globe often say, there aren’t many things that can compare to receiving a new gadget. Unboxing a new garlic press, electric can opener, automatic wine bottle opener, or charcuterie board can be as thrilling as opening presents on Christmas morning. For those kitchen enthusiasts among us, having something to use in your favorite space for cooking or baking delicious meals is a wonderful thing. If you have one of those kitchen-gadget fans in your life and need gift ideas to make their day even more magical, we have a quick list of top foodie favorites they’re sure to love.

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Cast iron griddle

First up on the list is Legend’s cast iron griddle. Backed by the company’s lifetime warranty, this specially crafted product will stand the test of time and become a staple in any cook’s daily routine. This cast iron griddle comes pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil and will become better seasoned as it is used. The flat-top side is perfect for breakfast foods, burgers, hot dogs, and cheesesteak fixings.

Need to surprise your significant other with a delicious steak dinner for a date-night spent at home? Flip that bad boy over and use the grill side, giving your proteins gorgeous grill marks and cooking them to perfection right from the comfort of your own kitchen. Forget having to start the grill, stand outside in the elements such as rain or bitter cold, or mess around with changing out empty propane tanks.  Each side of this griddle contains grease reservoirs, catching the drippings to give you leaner meals as well.

Instant-read meat thermometer

Next, we have one of the kitchen’s greatest tools of the trade, an instant-read meat thermometer. Knowing the internal temperature of your proteins is paramount, especially if your family eats a lot of meat with their meals. Certain proteins, such as poultry and ground beef, need to be cooked to a certain temperature to be considered safe to consume.

Temperature is also a key factor in smoking meat in a pellet or wood smoker – hello pulled pork and baby back ribs! Tenderness and fat rendering happen at certain degrees of Fahrenheit and temps needs to be taken often, so quick read outs are important. This thermometer by Kizen gives temperature readings in 2-3 seconds, making quick cooking situations go much smoother. It is also blissfully waterproof, a highly desirable trait in electronic kitchen tools.

Kitchen supply store
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Kitchen shears

It doesn’t matter if you’re cutting open a bag of produce, deboning a chicken, cutting herbs from your garden, or dicing bacon quickly for homemade bits — a good set of kitchen shears is essential for chefs and home cooks alike. This set of three multi-purpose shears by the French Pantry give shoppers many options for utilizing them in their cooking and meal prepping routines. The heavy-duty, super-gripped set allows you to quickly snap through bone and cartilage, making deboning poultry or breaking down proteins much easier. The five-bladed herb shears are fantastic for shredding fresh herbs right into your pans or pots while cooking. This frees up your cutting board and knives, simplifying your cleanup. The standard shears are perfect for everyday use such as opening bags, clipping coupons, slicing bacon into thin strips, or opening a tightly closed bottle – thanks to its serrated tooth middle section.

Handheld meat claws

The last handy gadget on our list is handy in every sense of the word. Grillaholic’s Meat Claws are handheld meat shredding tools that break down cooked meats in seconds. Put away those metal forks and easily shred through chicken breast, pulled pork, and smoked meats. Also, shred through roasted spaghetti squash, quickly toss a large bowl of your dinner’s side salad, or transfer hot food items to the table. Made of heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic, these meat claws are gloriously dishwasher safe and high heat resistant. These interesting and ingenious claws are  the perfect gift for your favorite backyard barbecue master or really anyone who works in the kitchen.

A few other suggestions

These gift ideas for the kitchen-loving folks in your life are just starting points on your search for the perfect gift. Consider who you are shopping for and what kinds of gifts they enjoy receiving. Are they more practical people? Maybe you’d like to consider a decent quality knife set. Or perhaps they enjoy canning and processing produce from their gardens. You’d likely be looking for something along the lines of a magnetic lid wand, pickling salt, or canning jars. Take our staff’s favorites and run with them. Some other quick gift ideas for kitchen lovers are:

  • A set of silicone kitchen utensils
  • A food scale for accurate measurements (key in baking)
  • A bamboo cheeseboard
  • Wine bottle aerator set

Or, hey, maybe you want to gift yourself a little somethin’, somethin’ this time. There’s nothing wrong there.

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