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The best thermostats for a toasty home

The ability to regulate the temperature of your home markedly improves your comfort and quality of life. Thermostats may not be something you think about frequently, but without a reliable one in your home, you likely are using energy inefficiently and wasting money.

Do you prefer your home to be warmer when you wake up in the morning than when you go to sleep at night? Many new smart thermostats offer the ability to schedule your home’s temperature and control it from your phone. Even if you don’t want a high tech thermostat, a dependable basic thermostat should be able to do the job of keeping you and your family comfy and warm.

If you need something more than just the thermostat that came with your house, or it’s time for a replacement or upgrade, we’ve got you covered. Here are some great options for a thermostat to get you on your way to energy efficiency and warmth.

Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Best overall

Sensi’s smart thermostat helps you save around 23% off your HVAC costs by providing smart reports, seven-day scheduling, geofencing, and remote access. It’s compatible with most HVAC units and systems and requires a C-wire. It comes with step by step instructions for installation in 30 minutes or less and is Alexa, Google, Wink, and Apple Home compatible.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Best smart

Nest is a big name in smart thermostats. It has a clean, bright display, and is compatible with most smart home systems. It works with you to find your best temperature adjustments based on your behavior, and, over time, can help you save money. It’s stylish and modern for a new era of smart homes.

Honeywell Digital Thermostat

Best basic


If you don’t need or want a smart thermostat, you’ll still need something reliable and easy to use. The Honeywell Thermostat is a simple option with easy to use controls and accurate temperature readings to keep your home on track. It retains your settings after a power outage and is relatively simple to install.

Thermostats are an essential part of your home, whether you choose to connect to a smart system or use a basic option. Controlling your energy costs and finding reliable temperature readings help keep you comfortable and your home on a smooth sail. Make sure you have what you need, and you’re always comfortable.

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