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The best patio doors for your home

The hot summer months are here, which means a whole lot of outdoor fun like yard games and barbecues. Your household is going to have busy foot-traffic and patio doors are a great alternative to mosquito repellents. Patio mesh doors increase the aesthetic value of your interior design and remove the hassle of having to constantly open and close your doorway. They also let light and fresh air in without blocking your view.

Picking the best patio door for your home will largely depend on your household’s specific needs. Some have handy snaps that hold the sides for clearing the doorway, some have magnetic strips for easy closure, while others are lightweight for quick entry for pets and kids. We’ve put together a list of our favorite mesh doors to help you decide. And if you’re looking for more great patio furniture, we’ve rounded up the best heaters, patio umbrellas, and much more.

At A Glance:

  • Best overall: Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door
  • Best for pets: PetSafe Freedom Pet Patio Door
  • Best easy installation: Magzo Magnetic Screen Door

Best overall: Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

Flux Phenom’s Magnetic Screen Door is a simple two-panel door that shuts in the middle with magnetic strips. It’s secured with thumbtacks and hooks, making it easy to install and take off. It’s perfect for busy households or for parties. Note that it fits doors up to 38 by 82 inches.

Best for pets: PetSafe Freedom Pet Patio Door

If you need a pet door for unsupervised dogs or cats, consider the PetSafe Freedom Pet Patio Door. The frame is adjustable to fit doors from 75.9 to 80.7 inches and comes in five sizes to accommodate different pets. It also comes with a magnetic flap to protect your home from heat or cold. It’s engineered with a durable aluminum frame and shatter-resistant glass.

Best easy installation: Magzo Magnetic Screen Door

The Magzo Magnetic Screen Door is available in 14 different sizes to accommodate your door size. Its fiberglass screen mesh material features a hasp design that keeps your door closed even when there is strong wind.

The product comes with a roll of adhesives and push pins for easy installation. If you want an easy-install and durable door, this is the ideal option.

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