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Living room decor ideas that will delight your guests

Although the kitchen often competes for the most-occupied room in the house, with people gathering around to talk, snack, or enjoy entire meals together, there is a reason that the living room is called “the living room.” It’s the room in one’s house in which friends and family congregate for conversation, fun, games, and more.

However, there are ways to make this space even more inviting than perhaps it ever has been before!

In the article below, we’ll go over how to show off ways to convey the feel and style that fits your family’s overall personality!

Cozy Living Room with Vintage Pictures
Photo by Вахтбович Максим/Pexels

Make the coffee table the center of attention

How many people do you know who just heap books with colossal text and even bigger photos on their living room’s respective coffee tables? Why not shake things up and go with something wild and unexpected?

Consider juxtaposing more traditional elements of your living room decoration items with something that’s either an artistic statement or that could be looked upon as a conversation starter. Think unique, subtle, or quirky!

Carpet your walls

You read that right. Put something warm and fuzzy on your walls. We’re talking tapestries, medieval style. Definitely not the norm in today’s modern culture, putting up tapestries could genuinely set your living room apart from just about everyone else’s in your entire peer group.

Alternatively, you could upholster the walls in a leather fabric for a more modern, artistic statement.

Go for class over comfort

Some people prefer a more formal setting for their living rooms. Others just like an uncluttered, minimalist feel. To accomplish both, simply emphasize clean lines in furniture with white walls and neutral tones for fabrics that cover your furniture.

You can also add metallic or glass features to give a feeling of untouched, timeless elegance.

Add splashes of fun

Nothing adds personality like throw pillows! You can literally find and purchase throw pillows that convey a myriad of tastes and styles. Adding them to your living room’s sofa and chairs can make the space pop with contrasting colors, not to mention that they can be big, poofy, and perfect for lounging upon.

The fun doesn’t have to be limited to throw pillows, however. Think about adding a piece or two of furniture that says your thinking is outside the box. Perhaps a hanging chair? (You know, one of those chairs that hangs from the ceiling by a heavy-duty chain.) Maybe one of those retro, space-age, egg-shaped chairs?

Why not try something that says, “I’m an interesting person, doggone it! And people like me!”

Change your floors and lighting fixtures

Another thing you can try is to add color to your floors. Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet or a wooden floor, why not add a throw rug here or there? Do you have a place that emphasizes rustic country décor? Maybe toss a faux bear rug near the fireplace (if you have one) or in the corner of the room.

Something else you could do is change the lighting! You could add rows of colored lights on dimmer switches in strategic locations that transform the space’s mood. You could also purchase large numbers of warm, scented candles to create a sense of coziness in the evenings.

Finally, you might want to consider changing up the lighting fixtures themselves. Consider adding a modern, minimalist, and metallic fixture that hints at glamor without being too extravagant.

Spacious Living Room in Modern Apartment
Photo by Вахтбович Максим/Pexels

Hang modern art

Maybe add some Jackson Pollock to your walls? If you’re the type to go for a more minimalist style when it comes to your overall living room décor or accessories in your house, why not make a massive statement? Remember that you might not want to do this if you’re already trying to make an artistic statement with your living room’s coffee table. You don’t want to go overboard.

With that said, modern art on your walls doesn’t take up any of the actual living space, but you can use any splashes of color in your abstract paintings to complement your throw pillows and more!

Act like Sherlock Holmes

The famous detective of 221b Baker Street is famous for making his favorite living space a veritable library. While you don’t have to turn your living room into a room stacked wall to wall with books, you could definitely add a touch of sophistication by adding tasteful bookcases along one wall.

Think about it.

How cozy would it be to create a floor-to-ceiling space filled with books with a couple of massively comfortable chairs set up nearby for reading? If you have large windows nearby with a lot of natural light, this could be perfect during the day. And, if you have a fireplace or small side tables filled with candles, even better.

Finally, you can offset the books with that wild bit of modern art we talked about above!

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