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The best garden hose reels for 2020

A garden hose reel is a great way to keep your best garden hose organized without you having to manually wrap it every after use. This garden essential safeguards your hose from the elements, helps prevent potential rips and tears caused by hoses lying around, and keeps your hose tidy to prevent anyone from accidentally tripping on your hose.

Not all garden hose reels are created equal, though. There are different types and designs available on the market, each addressing a specific issue. They can be portable or stationary, and operated by a foot pedal or a hand crank. Some come in a simple, plain reel design that leaves the hose exposed, while others can cover the hose completely. Use your hose more efficiently and make your outdoor space look well-kept with any of our picks for the best garden hose reels.

At A Glance:

  • Best Overall: Suncast Powerwind Automatic Hose Reel
  • Best Wall-Mounted: Liberty Garden Wall Mount Hose Reel
  • Best Multi-Directional: Liberty Garden Multi-Directional Hose Reel

Best overall: Suncast Powerwind Automatic Hose Reel

Suncast Powerwind hose reel front

The Suncast Powerwind Automatic Hose Reel features a convenient foot pedal that eliminates the hassle of having to bend down and manually wrap the hose after each use. This reel is a good fit for people who may have limited hand mobility or back problems. It can hold up to 100 feet of hose and small tools can go in a built-in storage bin. Its rechargeable battery with included charger lasts for up to 20 uses. It also works great for lawn sprinklers.

Best wall-mounted: Liberty Garden Wall Mount Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Hose Reel

We recommend the Liberty Garden Wall Mount Hose Reel if you want a durable reel with shelf space on top. It holds up to 125 feet of hose and gardening tools. It’s made of aluminum and brass, with a powder coat finish that provides weather protection. Note that it comes with instructions, but not mounting tools.

Best multi-directional: Liberty Garden Multi-Directional Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Multi-direction Hose Reel front

If you’re seeking a multi-directional reel, consider the Liberty Garden Multi-Directional Garden Hose Reel, which holds up to 125 feet of hose. You can crank the reel in either direction for easier hose storage. Its steel body and brass middle protects your hose from damage. The product comes fully built, but mounting tools are not included. This option is great if you have a portable sprinkler that moves on it’s own

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